Web and SaaS apps were supposed to make things easier, right? Create a platform-independent application that runs in a free browser that anyone can access.

Turns out, browser-based apps are just as fickle as traditional client apps. Often times they’re designed to run not only in a specific browser, but in an exact version of that browser. Think about all of the apps you’ve seen that were designed for IE8, only to learn that they won’t run in Chrome or even IE10 or 11. With users choosing their favorite browser—IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or the new Edge browser—those apps are becoming more and more of a headache to manage every day.

XenApp cures the browser-based apps headache

Fortunately, there’s a simple cure for that headache—use XenApp to virtualize your web-based apps. That’s why browser-based apps are the number-one virtualized app on XenApp.

An even easier solution is to use the Secure Browser Service we offer through Citrix Workspace Cloud. Both options not only solve the browser compatibility issue, but they also keep those browser-based apps secure in the datacenter along with the sensitive user information that goes with them. Standard web apps cache data on the user’s personal device, where it can easily be compromised.

How easy is it, really? We’ll show you.

We’ve made it very simple to virtualize your web-based apps. You assign the “correct” browser for the app and end users can launch it in the browser of their choosing. We’ll even show you how it’s done in the on-demand webinar, “Are browser updates breaking your apps?”

Join us for the webinar and learn how to:

  • Publish and distribute a virtual web app in minutes
  • Efficiently manage your browser-based apps with app virtualization
  • Reduce common security challenges associated with web and SaaS apps
  • Deliver one-click, VPN-less, secure remote access to internal web apps

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