Many companies are defined by their industries. Macro trends, terminology, regulatory and compliance requirements, and competitive dynamics—among other factors—are fundamental to how industries operate.

Not only can technology differentiate companies, but also it can have a profound impact in shaping vertical markets.

Technology is fulfilling its promise: the combined influence of cloud, mobile, data and security is forcing companies to rethink established ways of doing things and seek new ways to catapult their respective businesses forward. Industry–leading companies in healthcare, financial services, education, retail, and others already are far down the path of digital transformation.

Next month, customers, partners and thought leaders will come together at Citrix Synergy to share ideas and insights. We will network with other IT professionals and learn from top experts and innovators. We will talk a lot about how technology can make people more productive and help businesses realize their fullest potential.

I remember when “telecommuting” was considered a cool job perk. When I arrived at Citrix in 2007, I was blown away by how the company embraced flexible work styles and created a culture centered around innovation and results. We were not bound to standard hours, nor to a physical office; we had choice and flexibility in where and how we worked. Now the idea of being excited about a “work from home day” is almost quaint.

Today, we expect to work when, where, and how we want to. That means we need to think beyond any particular style of productivity. Instead, we need to think more broadly about the infrastructure supporting the modern workplace.

I am responsible for our industry solutions, so I think a lot about how to solve the unique challenges that are specific to each vertical customer environment. These challenges are relevant to all of us.

For example, each of us cares about our health and about the experiences we have when seeing a doctor or getting admitted to a hospital. We care about educating ourselves and our children, the future business leaders of tomorrow, and we all want to be smarter stewards of our finances. It is no surprise that sectors such as healthcare, education and financial services have seen unprecedented changes in recent years, many of them mandated by policy makers, driven by competition, and propelled by new technologies.

The bottom line?

Organizations across all industries are looking for innovative ways to deliver better value to every stakeholder in the process.

At Synergy, there will be several birds-of-a-feather sessions designed to help you join the dialog about innovation in your industry.

Moderated round tables will bring you together with professionals in education, banking and financial services, healthcare, and government to talk about the big questions that drive transformation.

How do we support the innovations in digital care delivery that enable clinicians to be “virtually” at the bedside of a patient who might be miles away? How do we ensure that a doctor has access to the right information when seconds count? How can we enable teachers to engage beyond the four walls of a classroom to increase students’ success? How can we help researchers discover and share information with colleagues around the globe—without compromising data security and integrity? How do we support financial institutions in extending digital services through new channels to new consumers—many of them in underserved markets?

Those conversations may begin at a round table, but at Synergy, you will find yourself continuing the dialog in the hallway, or over lunch.

I am keenly interested in joining the conversations as you talk with one another about your businesses, the key issues you are facing and your overall experiences with how Citrix solutions are solving the specific challenges your industry faces. This presents a huge opportunity for me — and for those of us on the front lines at Citrix — to listen, learn and respond with the necessary IT building blocks to make us an even stronger partner with you on your digital journey.

Please join us for these discussions.

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