This is the first post in a new blog series called, “Real Talk with Bill Burley”

Innovation. We’re bombarded with that word, in advertisements, marketing materials, and even in books. In fact, that word is used so much that it’s hard to distinguish what’s real from over-hyped claims.

So, how do you know whether someone’s “innovation” really matters?

The Citrix formula is simple. We listen to our customers. We try to walk a mile in their shoes. We observe how their people work. We ask questions. What problems do they face? What do they wish they could do that they can’t do now?

It’s simple, common sense. And it’s why #EveryoneUsesCitrix.

Perhaps you feel like this approach limits us to incremental improvements that barely make a difference, not major breakthroughs.

You would be wrong.

By getting close to our customers, we’ve been able to identify solutions to problems they may not even recognize, and that extend across industries.

Problems like the growing proliferation of browser-based apps, particularly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps, which are overwhelming IT organizations with the following types of problems:

  • Custom-built apps that only work with specific versions of Internet Explorer, because they depend on Flash, Silverlight or other plug-ins that are no longer supported in modern browsers
  • Enterprise apps that are optimized for Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Line-of-business managers who are purchasing cutting edge SaaS apps outside of IT, which employees then access through their personal browsers, which save usernames and passwords, user preferences and personal details, and offer cybercriminals to break through IT security defenses

Browser-based apps have been around for years. And Citrix customers have been using XenApp to address the problems listed above. In fact, telemetry from more than 100,000 Citrix customers shows that browsers are the number one app published and delivered through XenApp.

But we could also see huge demand for a service or software that would deliver XenApp security and management benefits without any need for someone with Citrix expertise. What if we could provide customers with a way to secure browser-based access to business apps in a few minutes, without asking the people who use it to do anything more complicated than to click on a link?

The answer? We can.

And that innovation is called Citrix Secure Browser, which we recently launched as a fully hosted cloud-based service, as an entry-level XenApp software product, or as an SDK for existing customers at no cost. In minutes, someone who has never touched a Citrix product can set up and securely deliver any web-based or SaaS app to any modern browser.

And we’re just getting started. You can expect Citrix to launch more groundbreaking features, products and services at a pace faster than we’ve ever achieved.

That’s innovation that matters.

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