As a part of my job, I go to a lot of conferences. I have presented at events across the globe and have seen more keynotes and breakout sessions than I care to remember. I often have a hard time distinguishing which event I went to, where it was, who I met, or what the theme was. There is one exception, though.

The one event that stands out and is always unforgettable is NVIDIA GTC.

GTC is the most visual event I get to go to each year. I can clearly remember a panoramic 3D whale jumping out of rendered water, as I remember Elon Musk talking about autonomous cars while a car is driving itself across the stage.

GTC has an unfair advantage to the rest of the conferences I go to, as they have the coolest visuals on the planet. This makes sense when the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks use NVIDIA technology to render their amazing movies. NVIDIA demos set the bar (which is why I tend to do GPU demos when I’m showing off Citrix technology) and GTC is where NVIDIA showcases of all the latest technologies.

I share this because next week is NVIDIA GTC and I will be there (as will many of my Citrix colleagues and even more Citrix customers). In fact, a group of customers asked me to fly out to lead a panel discussion on their usage of vGPU with XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro, which will include experts implementing Citrix and vGPU from the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech to the ever present Textron (they make attack helicopters on virtual desktops over a 3G based WAN… very cool stuff). I’m excited to be hosting this panel and expect there to be a lot of great discussion around the GPU space.

If you are in the area or have access online, please check it out. Here’s a list of sessions I highly recommend:

  • S6208 – Design Considerations from Real World Deployments of Graphics Accelerated Virtual Environments
    • Join us for a look at two real world deployments of graphics accelerated virtual desktop infrastructure and the design considerations that were incorporated into each. Georgia Tech and Textron Inc. discuss their environments and the life cycle of CAD/CAM in educational learning real world design using virtual desktop infrastructure which is changing how both Educational Institutions teach engineering, and also how corporations are embracing the future of design at the request of their younger workforce. Join the conversations as our panelists respond to your questions about their environments, their use cases, and the life cycle of the educational to applied engineering ecosystem.
  • S6608 – Virtualize Linux 3D Applications with Citrix HDX 3D Pro
    • Linux 3D applications? Are you running them on physical machines today or using solutions that are not enterprise ready? Citrix HDX 3D Pro for Linux allows you to virtualize your Linux 3D applications and get benefits of industry-leading Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop technology optimized for NVIDIA GRID GPU acceleration for Linux workloads. You’ll learn: (1) the current capabilities and architecture of Citrix Linux Virtual Desktop; (2) how to map the Linux Virtual Desktop to current use cases for knowledge workers and power users with HDX 3D Pro for Linux; and (3) the benefits of virtualizing Linux 3D applications without compromising on the experience.
  • S6427 – Monitoring Solutions for NVIDIA GRID™
    • Learn how to monitor from GPU, hypervisor, virtual machine, app level, protocol and end user experience. In this session CTP and MVP awarded Thomas Poppelgaard will show you how to use monitoring tools such as Uberagent, Goliath Performance Monitor and Lakeside Systrack.
  • S6622 – Advances in Remoting Protocol Technology for 3D Graphics
    • Learn about Human UX Protocol design concepts in Citrix’s next-gen HDX display remoting technology and hear from XenApp customers pushing the limits with graphics virtualization over high-latency connections halfway around the world. User experience is fundamental to a successful implementation and the remoting protocol used to transmit the virtualized 3D app or desktop from the data center or cloud to the worker is critical. Delivering 3D graphics to demanding users over a long-haul corporate WAN connection without excessive bandwidth consumption requires innovative solutions.

If you had any doubts of the value of GTC and Citrix’s leadership in this space, check out what we’ve seen and done in previous years.

Also, we’re also excited to be joining our partner Cisco in their floor exhibit where Citrix will be showcasing an array of graphic solutions running on Cisco UCS and NVIDIA GRID. Be sure to also read up on the Cisco NVIDIA GTC blog on Delivering GPU-Accelerated Virtual Workstations.

Hope to see you there!

Gunnar //

*Featured image courtesy of Mr. Thomas “t-pop” Poppelgaard!

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