Consumerization is quickly transforming business and IT models. Interrelated, as enterprises continue to see a rise in the here-to-stay bring your own device (BYOD) movement, they need to provide their employees with secure, mobile access to apps and data on any device across any network.

Serving as the “invisible middleman,” enterprise mobility management (EMM) gives IT and employees the tools and confidence they need to just say yes to workforce mobility.

With empowering employees to work and collaborate the way they prefer as a baseline (hearkening back to today’s trend for organizations to adopt BYOD policies to let people use their own PCs and mobile devices for work), Citrix recently polled customers that deployed EMM in the cloud using XenMobile last year. Comprehensive insight can be seen in this infographic.

Some key findings include:

Indicative of consumerization driving human productivity, the iOS mobile operating system remains king of the mobile platform in the global enterprise workforce.

iOS the platform of choice

The BYOD phenomenon has created a new way for employees to make their own choices about the mobile hardware and software they are using for business purposes.

Additionally, cloud computing and related SaaS applications have created new ways for employees and entire departments to easily circumvent internal IT. The upside: our survey indicates a 255 percent increase in mobile users provisioned per company (2014-2015), an indicator that as more users are being managed by IT teams, IT isn’t failing to provide users with what they need, i.e. securely providing access to the apps and data people need to do their jobs no matter where they are or what devices they use.

EMM delivers tangible business benefits, including improved user productivity, reduced cost of managing mobile devices and apps and recouped EMM investment in 12 months or less!

Moreover, some customers put into their words (see below) how mobile productivity is no longer a luxury, organizations must move beyond the constraints of fixed locations and standard PCs to enable new freedoms and flexibility in the way people work.  Most importantly, realizing that mobility can deliver value to their businesses.

Mobility BYOD

By the same token, we know that maximizing business value from mobility has its challenges, which is why we designed XenMobile as a complete EMM solution geared to secure mobility, increase productivity and mobilize business processes and optimize mobile management. Above all, XenMobile enhances the user experience on BYOD or corporate devices without the risk of losing valuable corporate data.

As mobility remains the top priority for organizations, we’ll continue surveying data underscoring the pitfalls and opportunities for enterprise IT.  Thus, stay tuned for more insight (in future blogs!) into the latest mobility trends impacting enterprises.

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