I can’t believe it’s been just two short months since we were all together in Las Vegas where we articulated our focus around growth, profit and predictability for our core products.  

Citrix Partner Sales and Strategy Vice President, Kimberly Martin talked about the huge opportunity in the mid-market for secure app and data delivery. This is key to our strategy around growth and profit for your business. There is no better time to land and close those opportunities than at Citrix Synergy.

Citrix Synergy 2016, in Las Vegas May 24-26 offers you the opportunity to deliver a complete trusted solution, landing and closing deals with new customers and expanding opportunities with existing customers.

That’s why it is so critical for you—our partners—to bring your prospects and customers to Citrix Synergy our customer-facing global user conference. Synergy provides a venue for you to apply knowledge, skills and enablement tools from Citrix Summit in on-site interactions and that can make a significant difference in your relationships and business growth with your customers.

Think of Synergy as a tool for your conversations with your existing customers while educating your prospects not only on Citrix but also with our key alliance partners’ technologies which helps drive a total solution.

Bringing your hot prospects to Synergy can shorten your sales cycle.

By providing targeted business and technical training, Synergy delivers part of the prospect and customer education process. Plus, Synergy offers customers the opportunity to hear directly from their peers about the benefits of complete and trusted solutions, capabilities and third-party alliance partner offerings across the Citrix portfolio.

Attending Synergy with your customers can help you expand the existing footprint.

At Synergy, customers have the opportunity to see innovative solutions in the Solutions Expo and get hands-on with Citrix labs and demos. The more knowledgeable your customers become, the easier it becomes for you to talk about the Citrix strategy for digital business transformation. Plus, hearing the Citrix vision in keynotes directly from the executive leadership team will be inspiring.

Recruiting your prospects and customers enables you to attend Synergy at no cost.

We want you to reap all of the benefits that go along with attending Synergy with your customers, so we developed the 3 for 1 promotion. Each time three customers place your partner organization name in the referral box during their online Synergy registration process, you’ll qualify for a free partner pass to Synergy. Plus, for every 3 passes your organization earns, you’ll be entered into a special bonus pool and could win a free trip to Synergy 2017.

Interacting with customers outside the typical sales environment can spark a different type of connection and conversation and enable deeper, more enduring relationships. Please join us and ask your customers to join us at Citrix Synergy 2016—I hope to see you there.

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