It has been almost two months since I started at Citrix and the time has flown by.

Citrix is an enabler of digital transformation, helping customers in all industries to unlock their business potential. It has been terrific to hear resounding support for this mission in my many conversations with our customers and people around the world.

Massive adoption of the cloud and mobility in the enterprise has created an environment defined as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or, Industry 4.0), in which the organizations that leverage digital technologies to redefine business and IT processes will be significantly more productive – and in turn, more competitive.

For example, Citrix customer Rhaetian Railways—in the Swiss Alps—has been able to improve every aspect of their business with the latest technologies. Train engineers can access large amounts of crucial data from any device from even the most remote locations, increasing productivity, while line and rescue workers can work in the field instead of an office, bringing emergency response times in heavy snow down to seconds versus hours.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to mean a complete disruption of an industry, or even the business itself. In this case, it has enabled Rhaetian Railways to achieve what just about every business wants: to innovate and serve the needs of their customers in the best ways possible.

From enterprise to healthcare to financial services to government, everything is increasingly digital, connecting people, organizations and devices to engage in new ways. It powers more intelligent adoption processes; and rethink how things get done.

To achieve that, security, privacy, data protection and compliance are imperatives. With the volume of business data doubling every 14 months and the number of connected devices in the world expected to exceed 20 billion by 2020, organizations must be able to securely deliver apps and data across every device, across every network. With that secure foundation, they can safely explore what comes next for their business.

The Digital Revolution in the past 50 years has changed the way we live and work. We have all seen the evolution of analog to digital for things like phones, typewriters, televisions, record players and cameras.

Digital Business Transformation will bring us developments that change the way we impact the world.

Our customers are already making life-changing strides because of technology, such as equalizing access to educational resources across socioeconomic backgrounds and improving quality of care for sick children.

This is a pivotal time for business, and technology will be a key enabler. Citrix is turning disruptive change into an advantage, building upon a proven, 25-year track record of securely delivering the world’s most important apps. Our goal is to arm you with the tools and confidence that will inspire you to say YES to whatever comes next. We can all change the world if we have the right tools.

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