Blog Updated 9/9/2016: The License Usage Insights Service is no longer in preview – it is now available on a non-preview basis to all Citrix Service Provider partners. Elements of this post has been updated to reflect this. Learn more.

Are you a Citrix Service Provider struggling to track and understand how Citrix products are used and licensed in a hosting business? Are you interested in how many subscribers actually use your service each month? How easy is it for you to accurately report product licensing back to your distributor?

If you find yourself asking these questions, we’ve got some great news for you.

Today, we released the Citrix License Usage Insights Service Preview.  (9/9/2016 update:  LUI is no longer in preview and is generally available)

In the hosting and service provider business, many companies look to simplify and automate reporting – much like Microsoft SIL & SPLA Report. As a cloud-based service, the License Usage Insights Service will help you to get a complete, aggregated view of your license usage across all servers, all in one place.

Many of our Service Providers say that license tracking and reporting is a manual, difficult, time-consuming task. Often, there are multiple employees that own a piece of the reporting process. On top of that, training someone new to take over the responsibility is not easy. And in the end, you are still not sure if you are reporting the right number.

If you are struggling to quickly understand your actual license usage for your deployed subscription services (that may be across multiple servers), sign up today for the Citrix License Usage Insights Service.

Benefits for License Usage Insights Early Adopter Participants

Trend Analysis:

  • Learn what customers are actually using.
  • Identify usage trends.
  • Optimize your most popular service offerings.

Reporting Accuracy:

  • Get a complete, aggregated view of license usage across all servers.
  • See a clear layout of SKUs deployed.
  • Manage zero-cost and trial users; report on paid subscriber usage to distributor.


  • Collaborate on cross-functional reporting duties using a cloud-based service.
  • Quickly add and train new administrators.
  • No need to deploy additional reporting tools.

Top License Usage Insights Features

  • License Server Status: Easily understand how many license servers you have and whether or not they’re updated for use with the License Usage Insights Service.
  • Usage Collection:  Understand product usage using automated data collection and aggregation – no need to deploy additional tools.
  • Zero Cost User Management:  Manage a list of free users to take full advantage of CSP licensing benefits.
  • Historical View: Quickly understand how your business with Citrix is trending and which products are seeing the most growth.

How to Start Using the License Usage Insights Service

Step 1: Update Citrix License Server to v11.13.1.2

Download the latest license server. In place upgrade of Citrix License Servers is simple and fast. If you have not already, read about the latest license server.

licensing image

Step 2: Sign in to Citrix Cloud Using myCitrix Login 

Before signing in, you’ll need to sign up for a Citrix Cloud account.  Follow these steps to get signed up and signed in to Citrix Cloud for the first time.

Sign up for Citrix Cloud – Visit to create an account using your myCitrix credentials.  When creating your account, use the same myCitrix login credentials used to allocate and download Citrix Licenses from  Citrix Cloud will email the address associated with your myCitrix login

CWC Login

Once signed up, sign in at using your email address and password.


Step 3: Use the License Usage Insights Service!

Access the service by clicking Manage.

Learn more:

Citrix License Usage Insights Documents page

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