Yesterday, XenMobile provided same-day platform support for the release of iOS 9.3.

With every new iOS release I’m always curious to see what’s in it for the enterprise and 9.3 doesn’t disappoint.

Before we get to what’s new with iOS 9.3 let’s first start with what’s been fixed. 

  • Apps purchased through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) failing to launch.
  • IPSec VPN configuration was causing internet connection to fail when VPN session terminated.
  • When updating configuration profiles certificates would not install correctly.
  • iMessage encryption bug/security vulnerability

These improvements will help to ease the deployment process, enhance security and improve end-user satisfaction.

What new iOS 9 features can be leveraged by the enterprise market?

Enforce home screen layouts – This feature gives IT the control to configure the layout of the home screen.  Use cases include the retail market where a consistent looking home screen for all devices is important.  Or maybe for corporate-issued devices IT wants all business apps for all users to be located in the same folder in the same place for every device.


Improved whitelist/blacklist policies with device management controls – Whitelist only the apps you want to allow on the device, blacklist the ones you want to prevent from launching.  IT can also whitelist a group of URLs that users can save as bookmarks.

Multi-user (Multi-account) Support for iPad – Allows multiple users (Apple IDs) to share a device.  In the enterprise there are numerous vertical use cases for this feature including healthcare, retail and education.

Lock screen text – IT now has the ability to set text that will appear on the device’s lock screen.  For example, “If found, please call Citrix at 1-800-xxx).

Although some of these features are currently available as MAM policies and features from EMM vendors, it’s still great to see Apple developing their enterprise feature set!

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