This week, we are releasing MPX/SDX 25xxx models that expand NetScaler SDX instance capacity to approximately 1.5x more capacity than currently available with the NetScaler high-end SDX platform. SDX instance capacity will increase vastly to 115 instances.

As customers consolidate their datacenters and look to free up space and simplify aggregation, the power of NetScaler SDX for consolidation with 40% more instances is a phenomenal platform to aid in this effort. With explosive growth in cloud and mobile devices accessing video social media, the 40G ports of the new appliances provide the necessary increase the capacity of pipe to handle multimedia data for all the different SDX instances.

In addition, the NetScaler MPX/SDX 14xxx-40G models releasing this week not only introduce new 40G ports but also provide the ability to have 2x more PayGrow for mid-range platform. The instance capacity for NetScaler SDX also increased for these mid-range platforms to 25 instances (25% more than SDX 115xx models).

These technology advancements of the NetScaler platform align with the recent blog post we published during the week of RSA conference about how Citrix makes security simple and effective while controlling costs.

Consolidating different platforms at customers’ datacenters where one appliance handles load- balancing, while another one performs global load-balancing and more, is more powerful because an IT admin can consolidate all these boxes to one. The advantages for consolidation at the datacenter level with one NetScaler appliance for GLB includes the offering of individual virtual instances available to be dedicated to specific apps, function or different organizations in a company.

With the ability to now create up to 115 instances with NetScaler SDX, much more simplification can undertaken at the datacenter level for IT admins to take advantage of to help control costs. This also allows IT Admins to more effectively and efficiently organize their datacenter  to divide the virtual instances however they want with dedicated CPUs, memory, SSL, and so on.

The ability to couple the new SDX instances with the existing 40G ports enables datacenter consolidation and simplified administration while minimizing costs which is  extremely impactful on the NetScaler appliance. Learn more here!

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