Are you an IT employee? If so, you’re probably aware of PagerDuty and DataDog (or similar alert monitoring services). In fact, you may even be the person that gets the calls when something goes terribly wrong in your cloud infrastructure or data center.

What if you could automate self-healing scripts and turn on sirens and alarms when PagerDuty detects an incident?

Using Citrix’s Octoblu IoT enterprise automation platform, now you can!

Octoblu screenshot

Octoblu can now watch for PagerDuty and/or DataDog system incidents and fire off hundreds (or thousands) of simultaneous event automations. In the automation flow above, Octoblu is polling PagerDuty every second looking for any unresolved incidents.  When it finds one (or more), Octoblu could perform the following actions:

  • Update your Slack chat
  • Run a Bash or PowerShell script to fix the problem
  • Push your alerts dashboard page to your big screen monitor via ChromeCast
  • Turn your Phillips Hue lighting to red
  • Turn on your Belkin Wemo outlets with sirens plugged in
  • Delay 1 minute and then turn the lights back to green and your outlets back to off

All of this can be accomplished in minutes using Octoblu. And there’s no IoT programming required! We even have bluprints that you can import to get you up and running immediately. Here’s the bluprint for this automation.

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Stay tuned for more automation ideas … COMING SOON!

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