It is always a proud moment when we see CTPs and Citrix community members come up with something innovative and valuable for all Citrix administrators.

A while back on Twitter, I noticed a lot of tweets around Remote Display Analyzer tool which was demoed during November 2015 E2EVC conference by Barry Schiffer, a Citrix CTP and Bram Wolfs, a Microsoft MVP and Citrix User Group leader.  I pinged Barry to learn more about the tool which he and Bram co-developed. Here is how Barry explained the tool to me in just a few simple sentences.

The tool helps Citrix administrators to troubleshoot, understand and view which HDX display mode and encoder is being use in the current HDX session without having to open HDX Monitor, Desktop Director and Studio consoles. The tool makes it easy to view properties like visual quality, max frames per second, Adaptive Display and color depth all on one screen.

The tool goes further to display real-time analytics on CPU time and memory used by encoder along with bandwidth and latency. Here is the screen shot for the lite and free version.


The tool has a sponsored version that allows you to change the display settings on the fly without needing to log out or reboot. I have to add the disclaimer that the tool is not supported by Citrix. It is a community-supported tool so try and first test in your non-production environment.

Here is the website for the tool: .  I recommend playing with it in test and development environment first for troubleshooting and further understanding of HDX display settings.

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