This time of year brings back fond memories for me of growing up in St. Louis Missouri where St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with not just one, but two parades.

It was a special time for my family because of our Irish Heritage. I would dress in green and shamrocks to prepare for an exciting ride on my Uncle Charlie’s fire truck. Now, as an adult I look forward to enjoying a cold Guinness with my corned beef and cabbage.

While everyone around the world is painting themselves green for their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Aer Lingus is going green with paperless cockpits and ensuring the greatest customer care!

Aer Lingus, Ireland’s national airline, has a vision of connecting Ireland to the world. With Citrix Workspace Suite technology in place, pilots now use 3G/4G-enabled iPads rather than heavy paper manuals to access flight plans and other sensitive data, helping create a secure, compliant, paperless cockpit.

Giving pilots access to important information from anywhere in the world allows them to be better informed on the latest data and gives them more time to prepare for flights. Pilots now can board earlier, enabling passengers earlier entry as well. This creates greater flight safety and ensures the best possible customer care.

Aer Lingus’ success is just one story from Citrix customers–but we have lots more! Check out more Featured Customer stories, and let us know what you think.

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