By 2017, devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) will surpass computers, smartphones and tablets combined. By 2020, there will be over 50 billion smart connected devices in the world.

Everything around you is being connected together – not only your apps and data but your home, car, and office.

Apps have evolved from OS-specific native consumer apps to mobile apps to web apps. They are now being developed for IoT smart devices and wearable devices. The next wave of opportunity is around connecting and automating all of these “apps.” Add identity and location/proximity to the equation and the experience gets even more magical.

Data has also evolved from being accessible in self-contained native apps to client-server apps to web apps and now APIs being accessed on demand. Data is now streaming between apps and smart/wearable devices in real time, all day and all night long. The days of manual data entry are gone. Sensors are now streaming data in multiple protocols to the cloud as well as local mesh networks at the speed of light (or RF). It is now more important than ever that these apps and data are delivered securely anytime and anywhere.

These new 50 billion smart devices are becoming even smarter than the first wave of IoT devices. Machine learning algorithms are now able to predict your next move before you have time to turn on the light switch. Soon these devices will become contextually aware of each other and your desired interactions. We are moving into the age of autonomic computing – the age of enchanted experiences.

Think about your typical meeting and all of the logistics involved with getting it started such as dialing into the bridge, connecting your video cables, sharing your screen with others, recording the session, creating and distributing meeting minutes, etc.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your conference room was aware that you entered it at the time of your scheduled meeting and automatically turned on the lights, closed the shades, adjusted the thermostat, had the bridge ringing on the phone, and had your presentation already streaming to the monitor in the room without you taking any actions?


This is exactly what you are able to accomplish using Citrix’s Octoblu IoT automation platform!

Octoblu connects and automates most of Citrix’s products and services including: Storefront, Receiver, XenMobile, LifeCycle Manager, NetScaler, Sharefile, Podio, and RightSignature. We have over 125 additional “things” connected to the platform available for automation.  


This magical, game-changing digital business technology is available today!

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To experience the Octoblu powered HPE Collaborate Cube in person, we invite you to join us at Citrix Synergy 2016–the premier industry conference on digital business transformation–in Las Vegas, from May 24 through 26.