With the recent release of XenMobile 10.3 WorxApps, several small but effective workflow improvements were added to the product that make my tasks much simpler.

3D Touch was a feature that Apple introduced with iOS 9 and their 6s/6s Plus models back in September. Now with WorxMail and WorxWeb 10.3, we’ve implemented this functionality, as well. In past releases, getting to my calendar meant launching WorxMail and switching views within the app. Now my workflow has been simplified using the force touch functionality and I can go directly to my Calendar from the springboard. I can also jump straight into creating a new email should I wish.

Force touch also works in WorxWeb, making it easier for me to navigate to one of my Bookmarks, Downloads, Offline Pages or open a new tab. It’s a small value add but by far my favorite feature of the latest update!

3DTouch 3DTouchWW

VIP is another new addition to WorxMail for both iOS and Android and something that I personally find really useful.

My personal preference is that my email notifications are disabled as I get far too many emails. The issue with this is that I’m constantly checking my Inbox to not only glance at all emails but also to determine whether I have any important emails from people such as my immediate team or my VP that I need to follow-up on. This feature allows me to choose the people I want to receive notifications from and should I choose, I’m also able to set a custom alert sound for these “VIPs”.


Another small, but effective, feature introduced in this release is the ability to attach the last photo taken in WorxMail iOS. Often, I’ll take a screenshot and then want to send that to someone in an email. The previous workflow for this meant taking the picture, choosing to attach an existing photo and then pick the photo I’d just taken. These removes that final step and now I can directly choose to “Attach Last Photo Taken”.

attach last taken

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