Over the last few years, many software vendors have added anonymous feedback facilities into their products. This helps a great deal with quality improvement, as well as shaping of the product roadmap.

Despite the vendors’ claims, however, that feedback is completely anonymous and the general understanding that their feedback is valuable and will make the product they use better, customers are sometimes hesitant to share their experiences with vendors. Customers would like to at least have an ability, when they send feedback, to be able to verify what exactly is being sent.

Citrix has always listened to our customers’ input. And we don’t just listen to “the big guys”; all of our customers have a voice … and a vote, too!

For example, since version 7.1, XenDesktop has included anonymous feedback capabilities and the program has been hugely successful. For those customers who want to be heard, but hesitate due to privacy concerns, there is a way to see for themselves what data are being shared with Citrix. All you need to do is set the mode of operation to only collect data, but not send it to Citrix. A local file is created, which can be opened and its content reviewed.

Here are the PowerShell commands to be executed on the XenDesktop delivery controller:

#Load snap-in
Add-Pssnapin citrix.analytics.admin.v1
#Set mode to Collect
Set-ItemProperty HKLM:\Software\Citrix\XDServices\Analytics -name DoOperation -Value “Collect”
#Start collection
Set-AnalyticsSite -Enabled $true
#Wait a few minutes for collection to finish
#Get file path for the collected data
Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\Software\Citrix\XDServices\Analytics | select DoOperationResult
#At this point go take a look at the content, review, etc.
#Restore mode to CollectAndUpload
Set-ItemProperty HKLM:\Software\Citrix\XDServices\Analytics -name DoOperation -Value ” CollectAndUpload”
#Restart collection
Set-AnalyticsSite -Enabled $true

It’s just that simple. Now, you can leave feedback for Citrix–which helps us, and helps us help you–but you can be secure in knowing and having control over what you send to us.