This post was updated on October 10, 2018

Every modern enterprise today is pursuing a digital transformation strategy. The traditional workplace is evolving into the digital workplace, as more employees require the freedom to get work done from any location, at any time, and on any device.

A digital workspace is, put simply, all the apps and data people need to work, accessible from any device. To accelerate their digital transformation, enterprises are adopting digital workspaces at a rate faster than ever before. Here are five reasons why.

1) Digital workspaces give people the freedom to get work done their way

Work is no longer confined to an office building and set business hours. Employees want to work from anywhere and at any time that makes them most productive. This freedom also gives companies a competitive edge — faster response to customers and vendors, a better use of “downtime,” and responsiveness outside of traditional business hours.

Citrix Workspace not only provides secure access to all the apps, desktops, and files people need from anywhere, but it also gives IT the benefit of having to manage and secure only one integrated solution.

2) Digital workspaces provide better security

The proliferation of devices and cloud services is making it harder and more complex to secure distributed IT without compromising user experience and productivity. And as work moves beyond office walls, traditional point security solutions are no longer sufficient to defend against threats. In fact, according to a Cisco security report, almost half of the security risk that organizations face stems from having multiple security vendors and products.

Citrix Workspace simplifies security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments while providing a unified view across not only users but also behaviors, endpoints, and networks. Advanced analytics and insights help IT to stop attacks before they happen and also detect any performance issues that may affect the user experience.

3) Digital workspaces unify secure app and data delivery

It’s hard to manage contracts, renewal windows, support policies, and compliance of several different vendors. By consolidating app and desktop virtualization, unified endpoint management, content collaboration, and networking into a single vendor, IT departments have more advantages to find synergies in the digital workspace solution — and fewer headaches.

For employees, a single vendor means:

  • One vendor interface to learn
  • Instant, one-click access to business apps and data
  • Personalization with options to choose the business apps that are needed to complete their work
  • Convenience to work from anywhere, on any device with peace of mind about secure access

4) Digital workspaces improve employee productivity

With Citrix Workspace, workers have key advantages that help them move quickly — and securely — throughout their work day:

  • An “any device” approach lets employees access their workspace from any device they choose — smartphone, tablet, or any computer
  • Consistent employee experience on every device. Best of all, their work picks up where they left off on the previous device. Business apps and data are consistently accessed, secure, and ready for the employee to keep contributing.
  • Mobile productivity apps, such as email, calendar, and notes, speed task completion from tablets and smartphones
  • Solutions for low bandwidth or interrupted connections enable fast-moving workers to get more done with less hassle
  • Single sign-on to apps, data, and desktops with the convenience of “follow me data” to easily move from one device to another without losing work

For IT, a single approach to the digital workspace streamlines decisions, reduces steps, and improves manageability when compared to dealing with multiple point solutions.

5) Digital workspaces enable flexible physical workspaces

Many digital transformation strategies also include workplace transformation initiatives in which real estate, technology, and human behaviors are leveraged to create fun, flexible, collaborative environments that foster innovation and enable a variety of workstyles.

Workplace transformation opens the office space to align with the ways people need to complete work. The new “office” may be hotel desks, collaborative work areas, comfortable creative spaces, and privacy rooms.

With a digital workspace securely delivering apps and data on any device, workers can shift from their desk to a collaborative space, to the cafe, and then back to their desk with no technology interruptions.

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