Digital workspace delivery is quickly becoming a critical initiative for today’s modern enterprise – here are 5 reasons why digital workspaces are being adopted.

Wait – what is a digital workspace?

A digital workspace is, put simply, all the apps and data people need to work, accessible from any device. It is quickly becoming the way people securely access business apps and data. Complete digital workspaces are being implemented in organizations that want to accommodate mobile workers, drive competitive advantage and provide better customer service.

The time is right to put the digital workspace on the radar. A report by Forrester principal analyst David K. Johnson put it best:

Thanks to brisk innovation in technology and tools, it’s now more achievable than ever to create a workforce computing environment that removes obstacles for employees and fosters creativity and innovation while offering better security and managing risks.1

5 Reasons for Digital Workspace Delivery

These are the reasons behind the move to digital workspace delivery are enterprise initiatives that may start with the CxO, the desktop delivery group, or end user computing manager, but span the entire business because they drive the productivity of knowledge workers.

These top five reasons, gathered from feedback from Citrix Workspace Suite customers around the globe, show how digital workspace adoption is helping enterprises large and small meet expectations.

1) Users are defining the requirements of an increasingly mobile workforce – Work is no longer limited to the “usual workday” and a cubicle in an office.  Employees want to work from anywhere. This gives the company a competitive edge – faster response to customers and vendors, a better use of “downtime,” and responsiveness outside of business hours.

For IT, empowering customers with a true digital workspace solution means employees have a portable, always available environment consisting of their desktop, personalized with all of their apps and their data.  With a single app store providing secure access to business apps and data, employees can be more productive (plus, IT hears fewer questions from employees about accessing apps) .

Citrix Workspace Suite

2) Increased security is a top concern – 2015 research showed security was the top reason enterprises of all sizes choose Citrix Workspace Suite.

Citrix Workspace Suite provides reassurance of secure app and data delivery, but with convenience. To access the complete virtual desktop, employees have one password to remember. Workers can quickly learn the user-friendly format of secure data delivery. Mobile productivity apps are convenient and available from any app store. Changing user behavior from using consumer-grade apps to enterprise-secure digital workspaces is a straightforward process.

Citrix Workspace Suite

3) IT seeks a unified approach to secure app and data delivery – It’s hard to manage contracts, renewal windows, support policies and compliance of several different vendors. By consolidating app virtualization, desktop virtualization, mobility management, secure data delivery and networking into a single vendor, IT departments have more advantages to find synergies in the digital workspace solution — and fewer headaches.

Strategic organizations are aligning the disparate point solutions and bringing together a larger strategy. For employees, a single vendor means

  • one vendor interface style to learn
  • one click for access to needed business apps and data
  • personalization with options to choose the business apps that are needed to complete their work.
  • convenience to work from anywhere, on any device with peace of mind about secure access.

Citrix Workspace Suite

4) Digital workspaces improve employee productivity

With Citrix Workspace Suite, workers have key advantages that help them move quickly – and securely – through their work day:

  • an “any device” approach lets employees access their virtual desktop from their choice of device – smartphone, tablet, or any computer.
  • consistent employee experience on every device. Best of all, their work picks up where they left off on the previous device. Business apps and data are consistently accessed, secure, and ready for the employee to keep contributing.
  • mobile productivity apps, such as email, calendar and notes, speed task completion from tablets and smartphones.
  • solutions for low bandwidth or interrupted connections, so fast-moving workers can get more done with less hassle, even over low bandwidth connections.
  • a single sign on to apps, data and desktops with the convenience of “follow me data” to easily move from one device to another without losing work.

Citrix Workspace Suite

For IT, a single approach to the digital workspace streamlines decisions, reduces steps and improves manageability when compared to dealing with multiple point solutions.

5) The new “office” has flexible physical workspaces with no technical limitations

A new motion quickly taking hold in many forward-thinking businesses is workplace transformation. . This occurs when real estate, technology, and human behaviors are leveraged to create fun, flexible, collaborative environments that foster innovation and enable a variety of work styles.

Often part of an overall mobility strategy, workplace transformation opens the office space to align with the ways people need to complete work. The “new office” may be hotel desks, collaborative work areas, comfortable creative spaces and privacy rooms.

With a digital workspace securely delivering apps and data on any device, workers can shift from their desk to a collaborative space, to the company coffeespot and then back to their desk with no technology interruptions.

Citrix Workspace Suite

Learn more about Citrix Workspace Suite

A complete offering, Citrix Workspace Suite uniquely offers app and desktop virtualization, secure mobility management, mobile productivity apps, on-premises or cloud-based file sharing, plus networking for secure remote access.

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1 Forrester Research Inc., Build Digital Workspace Delivery Systems To Give Employees The Right Tools For Their Job, August 5, 2015

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