Citrix in Healthcare: Technically Speaking – Vol. 1

#HIMSS16 has come and gone. Work schedules have returned to some semblance of normalcy, so it’s a good time to reflect on the event, talk technology, where Citrix is in the industry and where we’re going.

My name is Mark Howell. I’m the Senior Manager, Integrated Technical Marketing here at Citrix. I focus on the Healthcare Industry and I decided to create this blog series to educate our Healthcare customers about the innovations Citrix is delivering. I’ll provide a technical spin and plan to write at least one post per quarter.

The Digital Transformation is in full swing in the Healthcare industry. Paper charts, hand-written prescriptions and intake documentation have been transformed and the industry has made it clear that Citrix is its strategic partner in this shift.

In the secure delivery of apps and data segment of the healthcare industry Citrix is so far ahead of its competition that its hard to say that they have competition in the segment. –– Customer from the Southeast

XenApp and XenDesktop continue to lead the industry and with renewed focus on our core products, Citrix will only continue to widen the gap between us and everyone else. Make no mistake though, our development into emerging products is still very much alive, as we showed at our innovation stations at #HIMSS16.

Raspberry Pi – I’ve been working with the Raspberry Pi devices for about 6 months now, so I was excited to show our healthcare customers their capabilities. We’ve partnered with a thin client software solution company, THINLINX, to develop a Citrix-optimized version of Linux with the Citrix Linux Receiver. This new offering gives you the ability to connect to your Citrix virtualized applications and desktops. Demos of this can be found here and below.

Why should you be excited about this product?

  • cost – really inexpensive compared to other thin clients
  • performance – equal to its larger thin client counterparts with the ability to redirect and offload H.264 video to the device hardware providing an awesome user experience
  • size – 60 mm × 56.5 mm (3.370 in × 2.224 in)

Imprivata – One of the benefits of building conference demos for Citrix is that I get to incorporate great new products from our partner ecosystem. Imprivata’s Confirm ID for Remote Access is their newest two-factor authentication for remote access for the healthcare enterprise. Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access integrates seamlessly with Citrix NetScaler Gateway to streamline authentication management and simplify two-factor authentication for remote access for employees.

 Why should you care about this product?

  • It combats phishing and other attacks to improve security and safeguard against unauthorized access to patient records and other sensitive information
  • It makes security transparent to users with innovative and convenient authentication methods such as push token notification

Workspace Hub for HealthcareIn his blog post, Chris Fleck does a terrific job explaining the great benefits of this offering. Basically, the Workspace Hub is designed to improve digital workflows. It is a device with unique software that extends Citrix app delivery and functionality. At #HIMSS16, Citrix partnered with Arc Devices to show how a touchless digital thermometer can speed the collection of vitals and reduce the chance for error. This thermometer automatically sends the reading via Bluetooth to a service running on the Workspace Hub.

Why is this important?

  • This solution provides is a forward-thinking look at how nurses and physicians may collect and enter data into EMR’s in the future. This method is faster and more accurate than today’s manual methods.
  • Not only are major EMR vendors interested in this technology, but also, they are making financial investments into its future development.

Look for announcements around these products at Citrix Synergy, May 24-26, 2016 in Las Vegas.

To learn more and to register now, visit Citrix Synergy 2016.

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