Secure Forms with XenMobile

In our day-to-day routine, we come across various situations where organizations will need to capture information from its employees or end users by using paper-based forms where that information will be used/re-visited at a later time.

If this collection of information using papers is done periodically with huge number of users, it can be a real a hassle to collect, process and save.

Secure Forms will help you alleviate this hassle. With Secure Forms, IT admins can publish the required template form to end users, and they, in turn, will provide the structured information, which then gets saved in ShareFile and can be easily accessed at any time.

A simple example to illustrate the use of Secure Forms is a contract employee needs to fill his time sheets on a daily basis. Admins can automate this process by creating a Secure Forms template for time sheets and publish the same to the contract employees. Contractors can access the time sheet template from Secure Forms and fill in their hours.

The steps below will illustrate a simple end-user experience and the steps required to extract the data for later use, as well as the steps for configuration.

End User Experience:

In this case, we will consider a simple use case wherein an admin publishes a time sheet for the contract employee using Secure Forms, and the contract employee (end user) will fill his time sheets on a daily basis. All the information entered by the employee will be accumulated in the ShareFile repository.

  1. The end user will download and install the Secure Forms application from the Worx Store, Once the download is completed end user will launch Secure Forms application and will login with ShareFile credentials.


2. Post Login to Secure Forms application, the end user will see the list of the published templates.

WFE23. The end user will fill in the Secure Form with his information/details and submit.


4. Once the user taps on submit, Secure Forms application will ask for a confirmation. Once submitted, all the data is will be saved in the ShareFile repository.


Note: If the admin has enabled to collect the location service information from your device while you submit the form, then Secure Forms might prompt you to share the location details.

Steps to extract the Data:

All the information that is submitted by the employees in now in the ShareFile repository. As an admin, you can also POST this data to a Web Service, where your HR team or accounts receivable team can use this contract employee time sheet data for their purposes.

  1. Based on the configuration that you have done in template settings, time sheet data can be stored in ShareFile as csv, json, xml.


2. The same information can be posted to web service from Template settings.


3. The submitted XML can be seen in the web service repository.


Steps to configure Secure Forms:


  1. You need to have a working XenMobile environment.
  2. You need a ShareFile User account with permission to create root level folders, create users and distribution groups.
  3. You need to have access to latest version of Secure Forms.
  4. You need to have latest MDX toolkit to wrap the Secure Form application.
  5. You will need to have access to a Windows computer with PowerShell 4.0(to create folder structure as required by Secure Forms app) and access to chrome browser to create Form templates.

Step 1:Setup ShareFile folder structure.

You can find the steps to create the folder structure @

Step 2: Admin creates and publishes a Form Template.

  1. To Create and Publish a Secure Form Template, you will need to have a admin account. Once you have the admin credentials login to portal with the admin credentials.

Note: This is only supported in chrome browser.


  1. Post Click on New to publish a Form template. (here we illustrate a template for employee time sheet)


3. You can browse a logo for the template and Provide the title and description of the template and Click Next.

WorxForms_xs_citrix_3.3_final4. Create the Template with the required Content using the pre-defined Elements on the left hand side pane and Click Next.


5. Under Settings, set the method to Collect submitted data under Collection Methods, also if have the submitted data sent to email by turning On the Send email option. Also, admin can auto collect the Users location, email address and submission date. Click Publish to publish the Form template.


6. You can see the list of published forms under Published tab.

Step 3: Wrap and Publish the Secure Forms application in XenMobile server.

  1. Now wrap the Secure Forms ipa file (that you have downloaded from Citrix downloads) using the latest MDX toolkit and Publish the same in XenMobile server.
  2. Recommendation is to set Block camera:  Off, Block Photo Library:  Off, Block mic record: Off, Block location services:  Off
  3. If you want to send the forms as an email using WorxMail then make sure you use the same team ID to wrap the WorxMail and Secure Forms.


1. You can find the steps at

2. For more use cases you can refer