Are you still hoping to meet that end-of-quarter goal? Have you looked at your calendar? Can you believe it’s March already?

If you haven’t met that stretch goal you set to attain a Citrix certification in Q1 and you’re starting to feel like time is running out, we have good news for you and are here to help.

Whatever your reason for wanting to get Citrix Certified, the time to act is now!

For the first time ever, the Citrix Education Certification and Exam Development team is hosting a Twitter chat to answer those lingering questions you may have as you prepare for your certification exam.  

We want to give you the opportunity to ask us all of your certification and exam related questions. I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is NO. We will not be sharing the actual answers to questions on our exams, but we will give pieces of information you will certainly find invaluable, such as tips on where and how to find legitimate practice exams, how to prepare for the simulation items on our exams, how to use the tasks and objectives listed in our Prep Guides to prepare for our exams, etc.

Join us! Here’s how.

  • Set up a reminder for 12:00 PM EDT, Wednesday, March 16
  • Join us on Twitter
  • Use hashtag #CitrixChat to ask your questions
  • Enjoy, share learn.
  • That’s it!

You’ll hear from us in real time. Don’t miss this opportunity to directly engage with the folks who design, build and manage the certification programs and exams here at Citrix.

Who will be answering your questions? Check out the list of Citrix Certification and Exam Project Managers:

We’ll see you on Twitter at NOON on March 16th!