A while ago, I wrote a blog post with a sizing tool that covered sizing the XenApp/XenDesktop 7.5 and 7.6 databases. Last month, I got some feedback that said that there was an issue with the 7.6 monitoring database sizing, specifically that the Tasklog table was estimating too low.

I dug into it, and found an index wasn’t being allowed for, and a few more tasks are run every minute, hour and day, so I’ve fixed the xml file and built a new version of the tool.

You can download the updated tool from:

It’ll either upgrade the previous version or do a fresh install.

Note that the msi file has grown slightly as it’s built with a newer version of the wix toolset, which seems to produce slightly bigger .msi files. The only actual change (other than version numbers) was to the xml file.

Updated 2016-09-22:
Fixed broken sharefile link.
Also the tool is available in the Supportability Pack.