We recently asked the question: “What’s next for Citrix and the Internet of Things (IoT)?”  The answer we provided detailed our core belief that the IoT can solve complex business problems for the digital business through the Integration of Everything, and how this ties directly to the Citrix value add of delivering secure access to apps, data and services.

The ultimate end goal is that data flows seamlessly, workflows work properly, apps are presented securely, and analytics can correlate and learn from information coming in from everywhere. In essence, empowering the digital business for success. —What’s Next for Citrix and the Internet of Things 

One area where Citrix has been leading the efforts for the Integration of Everything has been with our efforts around smart spaces. Whether it is a smarter classroom, or a smarter meeting room, we have been exploring how we can make any space smarter to better facilitate the complexity that comes with serving an increasingly digital and mobile audience. This exploration has led one concept that is ready to be put on display for everyone to see and interact with.

Introducing the Collaborate Cube

collaboration cube

If you are attending this year’s Atmosphere 2016 () conference, you can see one manifestation of an IoT powered smart space, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Collaborate Cube (). This joint effort between Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Citrix Octoblu, Aruba and Microsoft will be prominently displayed on the show floor, allowing attendees to get an up close look at how IoT makes meeting spaces more intelligent, allowing the digital business to get the most out of meetings by easily bridging the physical and digital worlds.

At this year’s Atmosphere 2016, show attendees will be able to witness how the Collaborate Cube:

  • Knows who you are when you enter the meeting room
  • Dynamically updates and presents room status in real time
  • Self-configures room technology, and starts and ends the meeting
  • Automatically pulls meeting attendees together, physically and virtually
  • Integrates with digital collaboration tools being used by meeting attendees
  • Automatically sends the output created during the meeting upon completion

This joint effort is a demonstration of just some of the possibilities brought on by the Integration of Everything. This is an area where we are interested in continuing our customer led innovation efforts as we look to apply the Integration of Everything to the digital business.

Interested in learning more about the Collaborate Cube or sharing your ideas regarding the impact of IoT to your business?   Please add your contact information here to talk with a Citrix researcher to share more information regarding current business challenges and the potential for IoT within your organization.