A rapidly evolving threat landscape poses an urgent need for partnerships to drive innovation, visibility and investment in security.

That’s the message delivered by Admiral Michael S. Rogers and RSA President Amit Yoran at the 25th RSA® Conference in San Francisco last week—and we couldn’t agree more.

It’s not just bad actors that pose new security challenges for today’s organizations. Disruptive technologies like mobility, cloud and IoT are making it harder to defend legacy applications and systems over time. Our security perimeters are becoming porous—or vanishing entirely—thanks to an empowered mobile workforce, with data at rest, in motion and in use across a complex matrix of endpoints, networks, apps and storage.

Not that mobility is unwelcome, of course. Our customers tell us it’s essential for competitiveness, making it possible for them to:

  • Enable remote workers and support flexwork and telework
  • Expand to a global workforce for lower cost and more access to talent
  • Empower consultants, contractors, partners and other third-parties to work with their apps and data

But mobility must be fully secure. Organizations have to be able to:

  • Protect the confidentiality and integrity of their intellectual property
  • Ensure business continuity in the face of environmental disaster or social unrest
  • Maintain compliance with regulations and standards

Citrix sees these needs as central to our mission as a technology provider. In the spirit of partnership called for at RSA, Citrix is working with other industry leaders to address fundamental challenges. Our solutions incorporate capabilities to support essential best practices across the following five key pillars of security.

Identity and access – As Mr. Yoran noted in his opening keynote:

The abuse of identity has become a key component to virtually every sophisticated attack, far outpacing malware attacks as the most attack vector.

Citrix solutions support two-factor authentication as a quick security win to mitigate against unauthorized access facilitated by credential harvesting attacks.

Network security – Our technologies for secure remote access incorporate encryption and contextual access control, segmentation to contain the blast radius of breaches and attacks, and monitoring to facilitate more timely detection. Citrix architecture is designed with the resiliency to ensure availability and business continuity in the event of technical failures, weather incidents, epidemics, disasters and other disruptions.

Application security – Apps of all types—Windows, mobile or Web—must be protected and controlled. By using Citrix products to virtualize and centralize applications and desktops in the datacenter, organizations  can leverage existing security investments while easing management. Mobile application that live natively on devices can be individually containerized along with their encrypted data. Web applications are protected against logic attacks with an application-layer firewall.

Data security – Similarly, we provide comprehensive data protection regardless of the device being used. Data access, sharing and storage are controlled and audited. IT has the flexibility to choose where data is stored—on premises, in the cloud or a combination —to meet the data security and compliance requirements of the business.

To quote Mr. Yoran again:

We need visibility into the full packet capture analysis to see what’s happening on our networks … logs are simply not enough. comprehensive visibility is the base building block for obtaining truly insightful analytics and scoping out incidents correctly.

Our announced Citrix Security Insight provides a better way of doing threat analytics.

Built on a foundation of confidentiality, integrity and availability, Citrix best practices for comprehensive security enable organizations to keep data safe no matter how people work—any location, any device, any access method—to support the modern enterprise workforce. In this way, we help our customers stay at least one step ahead of the rising security challenge.

To learn more, you can explore these challenges and best practices in greater depth in our Citrix Security Best Practices white paper. It’s a risky world out there—but together, we can keep it secure.

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