Last week, we released the technology preview of Secure Forms. With Secure Forms, users can fill out and submit forms that were created with the Secure Forms Composer. Secure Forms is fully integrated in ShareFile and stores the results in standard formats (CSV, XML or PDF).

In addition Secure Forms can post the form to a Web Service (CSV, XML or JSON) which than processes it further. This means your BI, CMS or PHR systems can consume the submitted data and process it further.


Octoblu is a full-stack Internet of Things platform capable of automating solutions in any vertical market. Octoblu’s IoT services are built on our open source Meshblu platform, an open communications and management platform that supports a variety of protocols for physical devices to communicate seamlessly with each other, people, and web services.

Simply put, Octoblu enables you to connect anything with everything.

Secure Forms was never built to submit to Podio, it has no clue how to. However, it does output structured data and posts it to a web service.  On the other hand, Podio was never built to receive data from Secure Forms. Patient Request Form - 3. SettingsHowever, Podio has API’s available which allow us to automate actions. Octoblu is the glue between the two. Because of it’s machine-to-machine communication capabilities it connects apps / systems / services / devices which aren’t necessarily built to integrate.

Patient Request Form

As an example, we’ve created a patient request form in the Secure Forms composer and used the “post to web service” as the collection method. In the Auto collect data section we’ve requested more information of the user who’s submitting the data (including his/her mail-address).

Once a form is submitted using the Secure Forms app the data is submitted in JSON format to a webhook in Octoblu. The webhook is the trigger to start a flow in Octoblu and eventually create a task in Podio for the user.

Secure Forms Flow

The Octoblu flow used is available as a Bluprint here (link), you can import it and try it yourself!

WorxForms FlowingLet’s breakdown the Octoblu flow step-by-step and see what’s happening (and why).

1 This is a Trigger device. As the word implies, it’s used to trigger a flow. It can be triggered by clicking on it, sending a mail or via a webhook.
2  Secure Forms sends JSON-structured data and contains one (or more files). Demultiplex takes {{msg.files}} and outputs each file individually.
 3a Using this function-node only the fields section from a <file> – which we just received from the previous node – is translated into an object. Changing from this:
"fields": [
"@name": "Hospital",
"@type": "DataTypeList",
"value": [
"Amsterdam Hospital"
"@name": "Bed",
"@type": "DataTypeText",
"value": "111-999-7"

to this:
fields": {
"Hospital": "Amsterdam Hospital",
"Bed": "111-999-7"

An object is much easier to consume in other nodes in the flow.
 3b In parallel the same is done with the Auto collect data.
 4 With the output of “Auto: @Name to Object”, which contains the
mail-address of the submitter we’re looking to find that user in Podio.
(we need to know his user ID)
 5 The Compose node waits until the data from all connected nodes (both the Fields-data and the Podio-data) is collected before it passes that on to the next node.
 6 In this function-node we’re composing a readable message which we’ll use in the Podio task we’re creating later on, we’re determining the due date (+1 day) and we’re preparing a structured message for the user ID in Podio.
 7a Now we’re creating a new task in Podio for the user who submitted the form. The task due date is set and the message contains the information we received via Secure Forms.
 7b Using the equal-node we’re verifying if the severity value in the form was set to High. If so, it continues. If not, the flow stops here.
 8 We’re asking Podio to provide the contact details (including phone number) of the user who submitted the form.
 10 The Compose-node waits until Podio provides the contact details of the user and combines this with the information from Secure Forms.
 11 An SMS is send to the user who submitted the form, using the contact details from the user in Podio, to inform him of an urgent task that needs to be done.

I’ve captured a video of the entire process. From Secure Forms to Octoblu, from Octoblu to Podio and SMS.

Citrix Secure Forms was previously called WorxForms