Last June, we released WorxMail 10.0.7, adding enhanced support for Apple Push Notifications.

With this improvement, WorxMail provides badge updates in real time and faster app wake up for lock-screen and banner notifications.

Click here for more information on what we introduced with WorxMail 10.0.7.

For 2016, we’ve made some performance and feature enhancements that we want to make sure you’re aware of.

Supercharge your notification experience.

Near real-time notifications can be realized but you first need to check a couple of settings to take advantage of the improved performance.

The NetScaler Gateway, by default using the XenMobile NetScaler Wizard, disables split tunneling.  Our research indicates that many of our customers leave this setting alone.

If split tunneling is currently disabled or if you’re unsure if split tunneling is disabled please follow these steps:

  1. Add the FQDN of the Citrix push registration server to the WorxMail ‘Background Network Services’ policy on the XenMobile server or App Controller. This setting will ensure that WorxMail registration with the listener service is successful. This is essential for receiving push notifications.
  1. Depending on the Push notifications region selected in your WorxMail policies, the server FQDN to be added is below. Make sure that this is appended to what is already in the policy and the values are comma separated with no spaces.
  • Americas: us-east-1.
  • EMEA: eu-west-1.
  • APAC: ap-southeast-1.


Additionally, with XenMobile 10.3 WorxMail for iOS we have fine-tuned performance to increase the frequency and duration of app wake-up, sync and notifications in the background when an APNs event occurs.

Customize your notification experience.

XenMobile WorxMail 10.3 for iOS also introduces new ways to customize your notification experience.

XenMobile Worx applications, including WorxMail, are designed to help business users work more efficiently from their mobile device.  A common challenge for users on-the-go and away from the office is identifying the most important communications and messages first.

WorxMail 10.3 supports VIP functionality.  This feature allows the user to create a customized inbox for contacts designated as VIPs and apply customized ringtones for both VIP and calendar notifications.

Click HERE to see this exciting new feature in action.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.11.44 PM

For more information on WorxMail notification services click HERE