New to Citrix Cloud?

Available and shipping since October 2015, Citrix Cloud has been praised by enterprise and commercial customers alike, not to mention our partners.

CWC Blog 3 pointsPart of the excitement about it is because it’s based on a powerful cloud control plane, but still allows customers to place their apps and data on the infrastructure of their choiceany public, private, or hybrid cloud, as well as any on-premise infrastructure. We love hybrid and multi-cloud environments because they offer customers as well as Citrix partners the broadest options for performance, economics, compliance and more.

The Citrix Cloud control plane also has the most comprehensive set of fully integrated workspace services on the market, including virtual desktops, virtual apps, secure data, secure browsing, and mobility management. And more services are on-deck in our Labs section as we continue to offer even more options for customers. All of this adds up to continuously expanding the customer use cases we address – including a number of industry-specific needs.

Citrix Cloud Traction

CWC Blog Use CasesThus far, the platform has strong traction in customer sectors such as Services, Government, Transportation and Construction – with customers repeatedly selecting it for use cases related to (a) a cloud-first strategy and expanding to cloud, (b) desire to simplify technology, (c) speed of setting-up and deployment, and (d) desire to deliver integrated workspaces across multiple Citrix products.

What’s New – Services and Pricing Changes

Starting March 1st, we’ll be making the following changes and updates to how we sell Citrix Cloud services:

  1. Subscription Package Changes – Many customers have asked us for more options using secure storage and file sharing. So we are now offering the Secure Documents Package (based on Citrix ShareFile) as standalone. This means that the Secure Documents Service will be unbundled from the Virtual Desktops package and the Virtual Apps and Desktops package – reducing the prices for these two subscriptions. The Secure Documents service will remain as part of the Integrated Apps and Data Suite. Pricing and packaging details are on our How to Buy page.
  1. More storage options – For customers who want to use the Secure Documents Service in their workspaces, we’re offering more options: Bring-your-own storage, as well as 1GB, 20GB and 500GB add-ons.
  1. Pricing changes and new discounts – As we announced in January, our larger customers asked us for broader term and volume discounts. So today we are introducing discounts on 2- and 3-year annual subscriptions, as well as discounts based on volume purchases, for even greater appeal to our enterprise and global customers. Customers can contact their Citrix partners for details.
  2. …and coming soon – you’ll recall that Workspace Cloud Labs is where we pilot new or experimental services. Shortly, you’ll be seeing our Secure Browser Service  – now in trials – available in production. It will become yet another workspace service integrated into our cloud control plane. Don’t forget to watch our What’s New page for additional services coming soon.

Value, Maturity, Direction

An important piece of customer feedback we’ve been receiving is the support and appreciation of our pricing approach.  By delivering Citrix product value in the form of SaaS-managed services, customers benefit from never having to integrate or upgrade, from having transparent “all-in” subscription pricing, and from being able to shift to an OpEx approach to software.  Moreover, Workspace Cloud subscriptions inherently include 365x24x7 support at no extra cost. More details are available in Understanding Citrix Cloud Pricing [PDF].

By giving our customers far more integrated services, a choice of clouds and infrastructures, and ultimately a more mature shipping platform, the market has shown us that competing purely on price is clearly inappropriate.

And finally … we’re a customer-driven company – so we welcome your continued input and suggestions for the platform.

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