We recently laid out our predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016. Within those predictions we stated that IoT may be suffering from too much hype but at the same time (perhaps more behind the scenes) we will start to see real momentum for IoT adding tangible value to the Enterprise. But what type of value? The answer to this question is potentially as vast as size of the IoT market itself.

The IoT Opportunity in the Enterprise: Solving Complex Business Problems

We asked many of our Enterprise customers and Citrix Partners this question: “What is the opportunity for IoT in your organization?”

We realized very quickly that we were asking the wrong question. Time and time again the answer we received was one of uncertainty. We heard IoT was important to their future, but they really had not specifically laid out plans on how IoT would be folded into current projects and initiatives.

We decided then to shift our questions away from IoT as a technology, and instead started focusing on their current business challenges and where they see business workflows not working effectively. That shift started to uncover opportunities where we felt IoT could be an enabler for solving complex business problems for the digital business. We saw this in particularly in our research in the higher education market where we saw the potential for IoT in improving student engagement at colleges and universities.

The IoT Opportunity for Citrix in 2016: The Integration of Everything

Much of the current IoT hype is measured in the massive amounts of devices riding the IoT wave. We believe that this hype even understates the potential of IoT, and the real opportunity is the ‘Integration of Everything’.

Large organizations are complex by nature, with complicated processes, a myriad of applications, databases and connections they are managing. Adding to this complexity will be more data coming from new data collection points added in as new devices and sensors are added to the mix. This complexity presents a perfect opportunity for the Integration of Everything to add value for the Enterprise by opening up new opportunities for automation, and providing new insights gained from analytics more comprehensive than anything the Enterprise has had access to before. The Internet of Things (IoT): The Best is Yet to Come

We see the potential for the Integration of Everything to solve complex business problems for the digital business, across many different industries. Just think of any scenario where there are unique workflow demands requiring exchanging information across disparate systems.

For example, the healthcare market is always mentioned as one ripe for disruption as many new health focused devices for come into play, but the data integration challenges behind the scenes impacted by these new devices may well be where the real opportunity lies.  We also saw a unique Integration of Everything challenge in our research into the higher education market, when we prototyped a solution to software define the classroom, leveraging Citrix Octoblu to integrate information exchanges across complex legacy applications, hardware devices, cloud data services and SaaS applications.

How does the Integration of Everything lend itself to the Citrix value add of delivering secure access to apps, data and services?

I think they go hand in hand because in tomorrow’s complex world of diverse apps, devices, services, data and people spread across the globe; the Enterprise will struggle to integrate all of these pieces together. The ultimate end goal is that data flows seamlessly, workflows work properly, apps are presented securely, and analytics can correlate and learn from information coming in from everywhere. In essence, empowering the digital business for success. This is an area where you can expect Citrix to continue our customer led  innovation efforts, as we look to apply the Integration of Everything to real business scenarios, whether that is the workplace of the future, the software defined classroom, or incorporating new workflows into existing Citrix products.

If you are a current Citrix customer or partner and would like to talk with a Citrix researcher to share more information regarding current business challenges and the potential for IoT within your organization, please add your contact information here

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