XenApp and XenDesktop are among the most performance-critical technologies being used in enterprise networks today.

Just a small glitch–anywhere in your infrastructure–can result in a poor user experience. The growing number of tiers in the Citrix stack and the increased use of virtualization technologies and cloud-based services all make Citrix performance management even more challenging.

In this webinar:

 “Monitoring Citrix in 3D: A Must for Delivering Great User Experience,” I will discuss why enterprises utilizing Citrix technologies must look to adopt a monitoring strategy that is focused on three key dimensions: reach, depth and speed.

You will learn why:

  • Reach of performance monitoring to cover every layer of every tier of the Citrix infrastructure is important to help identify and remediate slowdowns – regardless of their origin
  • Depth of visibility into the Citrix stack and the other tiers matters for ensuring truly preventive performance management
  • Speed of problem resolution is critical for ensuring user satisfaction and how it can be achieved through automatic analysis, baselining and root-cause diagnosis

In addition, I’ll address how a comprehensive performance monitoring solution goes well beyond routine troubleshooting and problem isolation by helping to optimize and right-size the infrastructure as well as deliver maximum value for the organization’s IT investment.

Date: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

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