After a whirlwind week at MWC 2016, I’m sitting in the airport in Barcelona and taking stock of the mind-blistering amount of technology – and opportunity – that I’ve witnessed over the last few days.

I’ve not attended MWC for a few years, and last time I was there, it definitely had an air of “speeds and feeds” – which, considering the genesis of the event, isn’t surprising. Historically, MWC has been about Telcos and those who sell to Telcos.

Not anymore.

Perhaps the most surprising difference this time around was the attendee demographic. No longer is this event focused solely around cellular and carrier infrastructure, it’s everything from core switching to consumer devices to 5G to SDN/NFV to security to cloud to IoT to applications and everything in between.

I saw more enterprise people there than ever before and everyone was talking about how to bring technologies and services together to accelerate sustainable business transformation – across all industries.

My takeaway from the event is that there is a very real and tangible change in the air.

While there, I met with many of our key technology partners. The conversations we had revolved, for the most part, around the collective focus on enabling new business paradigms, on moving up the value chain and offering differentiated services that have traditionally been left to the customer to procure, aggregate and consume.

Make no mistake: we are seeing no slowdown the emergence of new technology. With this emergence, however, comes a vastly quicker maturation speed juxtaposed with a shortening lifespan. This is forcing the hands of many vendors and requiring them to rethink and realign portfolios. As the previously separate domains of network and application converge, this gives rise to many new opportunities – and it’s very exciting indeed.

At Citrix, we’ve recently doubled down on our core technologies – a solution set that has helped power the application economy for two decades – and we continue to be a trusted partner for many customers and providers alike.

We are uniquely positioned to offer solutions–via NetScaler, XenApp/XenDesktop, XenMobile, XenServer, and Citrix ShareFile–that span network and application domains with a clear focus on security as a fundamental tenant. The more conversations I had at MWC, the clearer it became – we truly are entering a brand new phase.

If Bell’s Law still holds true today (some 44 years after it first appeared), it can be still stated that, across IT, the dominant platform shifts roughly every 10 years.

It’s roughly 10 years since the emergence of cloud technology as we now know it. The vibe I got from MWC is that the convergence of technologies–occurring at pace and with unstoppable force paired with a focus on application delivery to drive business transformation–could be the best indication yet that the platform is about to evolve again.

This is going to be quite the ride. Jump in, buckle up, let’s go.

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