We hear this a lot, and it sure does seem like it! Often, I’ll meet someone new and when talk turns to business and I mention I work for Citrix, there it is again: “Everyone uses Citrix.”

Just about everyone who works at Citrix has stories like this, too. The reason, plain and simple, is that Citrix is used by over 400,000 medium and large businesses worldwide and for millions of people in those businesses, Citrix technology helps them work better, day in and day out. 

Anecdotal stories are great, but what about the data? It’s true; data don’t lie. Just take a look at the numbers:

  • The most recent market sizing and share report from IDC’s revenue estimates in the Virtual Client Computing market for 2014 show Citrix as the clear market share leader with revenue of $ 1.3078B (1). If we define end-user computing – as our competitors often do – VCC plus Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and add the IDC’s most recent EMM revenue estimates for Citrix(2) of $113M, the total for Citrix is $1.421B. That’s more than double any other vendor, including VMware (who IDC estimated had $568M in combined VCC and EMM revenue using the data from the same two reports).
  • End User Computing (EUC) is widely known to comprise Windows application and desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility management markets. That’s reinforced by the way many independent industry analyst firms track our market.

What about 2015? We have good reason to have these expectations:

Citrix reports revenue for EUC, which comprises our Workspace Services business, and our 2015 annual results were over $1.6B.

Other vendors, like VMware, do not report revenue for EUC (Mobile and Desktop). We could look at VMware’s reported bookings growth as a proxy for revenue growth – they reported 10-15% booking growth for Desktop and 50% bookings growth for Mobile. Using those 2015 growth rates results in, still less than half Citrix EUC business.

We’ll update this blog post when IDC’s reports come out later this year.

Citrix is excited about 2016 and the opportunity to help even more businesses and people.

New solutions for secure app and data delivery, like high-performance virtual apps and desktops with Skype for Business, simple and secure access to web and SaaS apps, virtual business apps for Chromebook and new Citrix Workspace Cloud Services will help even more people work better, and live better, too.

And even more people–as Citrix powers the businesses of the world, from healthcare to education to financial and government sectors and more–will say “Everyone Uses Citrix.” We hope you will, too.

Let us know how Citrix helps you work better—and live better—by sending us a tweet @Citrix with the hashtag #EveryoneUsesCitrix.

Source (1): IDC, Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software Market Shares, 2014: Year of Mobilizing Devices, Applications, and Data, Doc #256565, June 2015
Source (2): IDC, Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management Software Market Shares, 2014: Fragmentation Continues, But the Dust Is Starting to Settle, Doc#256627, June 2015