XenMobile 10.x combines the App Controller and Device Manager components into a unified management tool from which you can configure and manage user devices and apps unlike XenMobile 9 and earlier versions.

XenMobile upgrade involves the process of migrating data from the current XME 9.0 to XMS 10.4 using the upgrade tool.

Many upgrades have encountered issue either due to the lack of understanding of the current XME 9.0 environment or the lack of knowledge of what pre-requisite need to be in place for a successful upgrade.

Mobility Experts Team recommends that before you begin the upgrade process it is good exercise to review and understand the current XME 9.0 environment as to what has been deployed and how. This sets the base to pre-determine if there are any checks and cautioning steps that need to be in place before the process of the upgrade can be commenced. This also helps capture any customization or unique use cases pertaining to a specific environment.

An upgrade pre-requisite check list is now made available using which you can quickly review the existing XME 9.0 environment and perform checks such as customizations, patches, data in terms of number of apps, policies, role & packages deployed, device platforms etc… This will also help capture information around NetScaler and Storefront if deployed. Additionally, information of what is required for the upgrade is also listed in this document.

Please click on the following link to download the XenMobile Upgrade Pre-Requisite Checklist.

(Note: This will help understand your current XM 9.0 environment and foresee issues if any before you can get on with the upgrade process to 10.4)

Link: XenMobile Upgrade Pre-Requisite Checklist

Once you have gathered the pre-requisite, please click on the link below which will walk you through the detailed steps of how to perform an upgrade to  XenMobile 10.4 from an existing XenMobile 9.0 environment .

Please click on the link below to download the upgrade procedure doc.

Link:  Steps to upgrade from XenMobile 9.0 to XenMobile 10.4

Note: Please use this guide only to experience the upgrade flow in your QA environment. For production upgrades kindly engage the Mobility Experts Team or  Support or CCS.

(This document is designed only for On-Prem Deployments. )