Finance. That sounds like an area that needs to be extra-sensitive to security, doesn’t it? By its very nature, it’s one that’s tailor-made for Citrix Sharefile.

Do you think banks and financial institutions need secure solution for their clients, so they can submit sensitive documents–like pay stubs and bank statements–without the fear that their information might get hacked? You bet they do.

What if bankers or loan officers wanted to work from remote locations, on mobile devices, and do that work according to their schedules and not some time clock? Seems reasonable to us.

Do you think their clients would appreciate fast, responsive interaction and that their information was treated with care? I think we can all agree that’s true.

Citrix ShareFile can help with ALL of these challenges!

Why ShareFile for the financial services industry?

ShareFile facilitates the safe exchange of confidential financial documents between employees and with customers. Individual files and folders can be securely downloaded via a custom-branded client vault or through email. Employees can access, sync and securely share files within the organization, across lines of business and with third parties and clients, on any device via any network and repository, including existing network file drives and SharePoint sites.

Citrix ShareFile TechValidate

Here’s what some of our customers – from financial services organizations like yours – say about how Citrix ShareFile helps them solve today’s data issues and challenges.

Due to the security concerns and limitations of external website, especially in the financial and banking industry, being able to share files across in a safe and secure way is important. ShareFile is the best solution; it has a PC and mobile friendly interface.

Another great story is with Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank, which has 1,300 branches and 9,300 ATMs across 20 countries on the African continent. Its 49,000 staff support 15.5 million customers, and the bank’s total assets in the region amount to US $162 billion. ShareFile has become the bank’s approved document-sharing solution for mobile workers and has created a platform for effective mobile working.

Financial Services organizations are using ShareFile to deliver business results like these:

  • Easily and securely sync, store and share sensitive client information files with encryption
  • Address regulatory and compliance mandates like Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which requires financial institutions to have documented security plans to safeguard consumer information while conducting business. ShareFile helps address data sovereignty concerns by giving customers the choice of where to store their data. ShareFile also supports European Customers with, which keeps all data within the European Union.
  • Boost security and gain IT control of how sensitive data is stored, accessed and shared
  • Enable mobile employees to work and collaborate from anywhere on any device across any network
  • Allows agents and officers to provide responsive and personal service to customers, and in doing so gain competitive advantage and win more business

Check out the ShareFile Enterprise for financial services website to find out more and start your Free Trial of ShareFile today!