Last year, Citrix and Dell created a simple, all-in-one solution called the Dell Appliance for Wyse Citrix. It was targeted to customers who were new to deploying XenApp or XenDesktop and needed a simpler way for a general IT person to deploy the entire solution stack.


Since then, the Citrix-Dell team has been hard at working building upon that first release of the Dell Quick Start Tool and adding in new features and capabilities. Many customers need an easy, low-cost way to create and scale out the XenApp or XenDesktop compute workload, but lack the resources and automation to make it happen.

With the new Quick Start Tool, the simplicity of automation solves that problem for up to 5,000 users!

This turnkey solution is a single SKU that can be ordered with ease and comes from the factory complete with Microsoft Windows 2012R2 with Hyper-V enabled on the Dell PowerEdge R730 server platform. And there’s more! The servers also come with all the management software required, such as SQL 2014, Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012R2, XenDesktop ISO and the base Windows2012r2 VHD image to be used for each management VM.

Appliance Overview

The architecture and deployment is straightforward and allows for non-persistent XenDesktop and XenApp instances to be created on each host with the Quick Start Tool.

The solutions support up to 26 nodes running as compute resources for the XenApp or XenDesktop workload with management virtual machines running independently. The Quick Start Tool not only creates and installs the base machine needed for each management image, but it also performs and impressive amount of automation for each management stack component then links them all together seamlessly!


Tasks, such as connecting each host to SCVMM, establishing the XenDesktop resource connection to SCVMM, creating the XenDesktop SQL database, and even creating and publishing XenDesktop catalogs and groups to users are done behind the scenes in less than 2 hours.

The steps to start the Quick Start Tool are easy.

Once you have the Dell Appliance for Wyse and Citrix in your data Center, simply join it to your domain and click on the Quick Start Tool located on the administrator’s desktop. From there, answer the questions the Quick Start Tool asks and in just a few minutes, the deployment will begin.

QST Steps

Take a look at the video below for a technical demonstration that shows how simple it is for IT to build a Citrix solution from the ground up using the new Quick Start Tool Dell Appliance for Wyse-Citrix!

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