For many of us, listening to “talk radio” is a guilty pleasure. We tune in for politics, movie star news, investment tips, religion, career information, dating advice and more. The show host becomes a fixture in our lives, and the guests, vivid splashes of color animating the black and white of everyday living. We get involved. We bond. We want more. We yearn to know what goes on behind-the-scenes in the far away studio where it all happens.

thisjustin_SD_tabFeed your romance with radio at HIMSS. Tune in – or stop by HIMSS Media Booth 951 — on March 1 in Las Vegas and you’ll get the best of both worlds. You can see the broadcast and the guests or if you’re not in the show hall, you can tune in to “This Just in @HIMSS” sponsored by Citrix.

Host Justin Barnes, a Healthcare Industry IT Expert and featured host weekdays on HealthcareNowradio, will dish with the best in the industry about topics that are top-of-mind. The show runs from 1:30PM to 5:00PM PT; programming includes individual interviews and a panel session.

At 2:00PM PT, tune in for the first of several Citrix experts. Senior Director, Healthcare Strategy, Ben Wilson, MBA, MPH, whose specialties include mobile health, business value of Healthcare IT, health information exchange and electronic medical records (EMR). At 3:30PM, don’t miss a panel discussion, “Interoperability, Connected Care and Patient Value: Experts Connect the Dots with Special Guests.” The panel will feature Kurt Roemer, Citrix chief security strategist, whose expertise covers a wide range of security, compliance, risk and privacy-related disciplines. On the Wednesday March 2 show, Mr. Wilson returns for a second engagement at 2:00PM.

Now you know how to keep your romance with radio alive even from the road. Put the radio show “This Just In @HIMSS on your list of guilty pleasures in Las Vegas. You’ll be among the first to know what’s worth talking about in healthcare. And the best part? This is one thing that happens in Vegas that doesn’t have to stay in Vegas! 

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