If NetScaler VPX were an opera singer, glassware would be shattering all around us right now. This week, we broke a new barrier — err, glass — we hit a new performance high with the virtual edition of NetScaler, the NetScaler VPX, that will resonate with large scale datacenter operators such as service providers, large enterprise and clouds making inroads with network function virtualization (NFV).

As I feverishly pen this post, I am reporting from a live demo of a fully virtualized NetScaler VPX singing (screaming?) at more than one hundred Gbps.

You read that correctly. 100 gigabits per second. Fully virtualized. Full-function. Full-featured ADC (Application Delivery Controller). Running our standard unmodified performance benchmark. I could go off here on certain vendors’ love for tuning benchmarks, instead of products, to meet performance bars. But let me save that for another day.

Today, we are announcing the availability of NetScaler VPX 25G and VPX 40G – our 25 and 40 Gbps ADCs respectively; with NetScaler VPX 100G to follow suit in the first half of this year.

If you are at the Mobile World Congress next week, and would like to see a performance from these sopranos, stop by and meet the Citrix team at Hall 2 Upper Level Room 2EMR.J10

We have raised the bar. 

The NetScaler VPX 40G and VPX 100G become the industry’s first fully-featured, virtualized ADCs to deliver these levels of performance on commodity hardware to support the secure delivery of applications and data. These new performance levels are the keys to unlocking flexible, scalable and highly optimized application and infrastructure deployment patterns for large-scale infrastructure operators such as service providers, cloud providers and large enterprises.

Until now, introducing virtualization into the network has been a tradeoff between flexibility and performance. You could have only one. Choose the flexibility that virtualization brings and compromise on performance and scalability … or choose the performance of bare-metal, at the cost of flexibility that a software-defined networking infrastructure could have brought.

This tradeoff has become all the more unsavory with the insatiable need for both higher performance and higher agility in large networks like the ones service providers want to build using NFV. NFV promises much better agility and cost-savings.

But migrating network capabilities from dedicated high-performance physical appliances to virtually deployed virtualized network functions (VNFs) has been easier said than done.  While some of these functions are being moved now, others will take time. For this migration to be successful, service providers must find ways to support mass scale at a dramatically lower cost per unit of capacity, while ensuring the ability to evolve different elements in the network at different rates.

And this is exactly where NetScaler VPX 25G, NetScaler VPX 40G and NetScaler VPX 100G with their performance as VNFs fill in a crucial piece of this puzzle. 

No more tradeoff.