One of the best things about a cloud-based product is the ability to continuously roll out updates to users.

Citrix Workspace Cloud is no exception with regular updates released approximate every three weeks.

Note: You can stay up-to-date with what’s new here or directly from the Workspace Cloud administration console and is updated every couple of weeks.

We base the majority of updates on the feedback/ideas we receive from users and the trends that we see in the support tickets being created.

When to Submit Feedback and When to Open a Support Ticket

If you have ideas/feedback for Workspace Cloud related to usability, functionality, general annoyances, workflow, etc. Then please take a look at my other blog posts–“Stay On Top of What’s New in Workspace Cloud” and “How to Use the New Citrix Workspace Cloud Feedback Widget” for direction on how to share your thoughts with the Workspace Cloud product team and a community of fellow users.

If you are having a problem using Citrix Workspace Cloud, then you need to raise a support ticket to get some help. Read on for directions on opening a support ticket.

How to open a Workspace Cloud Support Ticket

Step 1: Navigate to “Open a Ticket” which will open a support widget.  Note: Before you raise a ticket please check the support articles at to see if there is already a solution to your issue.


Step 2: In the support ticket widget, you can raise any support issues that you have.  Just enter the description of your issue and select send.


Step 3: Once you hit send, a request will be opened with the Citrix support team.  The reference number is displayed, and there is a link to the support team contact details if you need to follow up with support on these issues.

Note: If you need urgent attention to your support issue please contact support directly to follow up on the request.


Step 4: To check the status of your ticket, you can relocate the details of the ticket via the Notifications area in the administration console. Just select the ‘View Detail’ button under the Notifications indication to view all your notifications – the details of the support case(s) you’ve opened can be found here. As your cases are progressed, you will be updated directly via email

Notifications – On far right
Notifications – for support tickets

We look forward to addressing and learning from the problems you are having to build an even better product for you.

Again, we would also love to hear your ideas for Workspace Cloud.