Monitoring is an often overlooked aspect of a virtual delivery infrastructure. Much of the effort is spent planning and implementing an environment based on business requirements for functionality, performance and availability – and rightfully so.

But what about actually tracking things throughout the lifecycle of the deployment? Here are just a few of the main questions that should constantly remain top of mind:

  • Are we making the best possible use out of our compute resources?
  • What does the typical performance look like for an average user?
  • Is the environment availability and health at an acceptable level?
  • Are the systems being properly used for business purposes?

Fortunately, to assist us with the monitoring endeavor, we have the web-based Citrix Director available in XenApp and XenDesktop.

This console provides admins and help desk staff with the most common monitoring capabilities around tracking sessions, users, reporting, alerting and more. Mudit Mehrotra, Product Manager of Director, recently wrote a blog post on the latest Director enhancements.

Some customers, however, need additional monitoring capabilities for their infrastructure on top of what Director and other included tools with XenApp and XenDesktop offer. In these cases, we encourage customers to take advantage of our monitoring applications offered by our Citrix Ready partners.

These solutions, provided by leading vendors, further enhance traditional monitoring that is available natively in the operating system for Microsoft RDS through methods like extending SCOM, data collection agents, in-depth reporting, etc. And these monitoring solutions are certified with the Citrix Ready Program, which means they are tested and validated using the Citrix Ready verification kits.

Citrix customers can confidently deploy these monitoring solutions in their XenApp and XenDesktop environments without worrying about compatibility, interoperability or quality.

What monitoring solution are you using to keep tabs on your Citrix delivery infrastructure? Let us know through the comments.