Speak directly to the Engineers in the UK

Use Citrix software? Did you know you have the opportunity to speak directly to the Engineers right here in the UK? That’s right: the people who develop, test and support Citrix products such as XenApp, XenDesktop, StoreFront and XenServer, and they’re all available to you through the CUCG.

What’s in it for you

Speaking directly to our Engineers about new or existing features will give you a unique insight into Citrix software and how it is developed. By talking us through your deployment, use cases and challenges we can take them into account when we are designing, developing and testing new features.

Well worth it – exceeded our expectations. – Andrew Leitch, Kreston Reeves

Andrew Leitch (@apleitch), from Chartered Accountants & Financial Advisers Kreston Reeves, visited Citrix Cambridge office in 2015, and he had this to stay about it at a recent Citrix UK User Group event:

  • Good open discussions with Engineers and Architects from Dev and Test, Product Managers, Support, Directors
  • We received useful follow up on specific issues raised during the day
  • Not access to a secret stash of fixes – but an opportunity to say – here is our system, here are our issues and a number of useful suggestions came straight back.

Sound good? This is what you need to do next

All you have to do is send an e-mail to Ben Dowen with a brief summary that covers 3 key points:

  1. Your company, what they do and your role
  2. Tell me a bit about how you use Citrix, what products, what’s working well, current challenges
  3. Preference between Cambridge or Chalfont, what months in 2016 work best for you

What to expect when you visit

The visits and sessions have a high degree of flexibility, so we can both get as much out of the day as possible. Here is an example of some of the things that have worked well previous visits:

  • To make the most of the day start around 10am and run until 4pm, lunch is included
  • Come prepared with a presentation about your deployment, what is working well and current challenge. Don’t be afraid to get technical
  • Sessions focused on product areas, past sessions have included:
    • XenServer and vGPU
    • StoreFront and Authentication
    • Introduction to XenDesktop 7
    • Introduction to Citrix Workspace Cloud
    • FrameHawk Demo

Engineering teams in the UK

This list is taken from a slide I presented at a recent Citrix User Group event in London, it gives an overview of products and teams that have a presence in the UK.

UK Teams
List of teams in the UK

Don’t see the team or product you really wanted to talk about? There is always the possibility we can invite other teams to join in via GoTo Meeting, so let us know in advance.

Not a replacement for existing support channels

Note this unique opportunity is not a replacement for existing the existing support functions offered directly from Citrix or via our fantastic Partner network, but over time will contribute to improved products and services.