With the release of XenMobile v 10.3, Citrix supports the enrollment of Windows 10 devices to the Windows Azure Active Directory. You can find the steps to setup the Azure Active Directory and XenMobile server here.

Step 1:

Login to Windows 10 device and search for Settings and launch Settings, Trusted Windows Store App.


Step 2:

Search for Join Azure using the search option, from the search results click on Connect your device to your work or school cloud domain.


Step 3:

Under Organization, Click on Join Azure AD.


Step 4:

You will be shown a message saying What happens next. If you are Ok with the terms then Click Next.


Step 5:

Under Let’s get you signed in page, provide your Azure AD credentials given by your administrator and Click Sign In.


Step 6:

Once the user is authenticated successfully then user will be shown the Terms of use page(from the XenMobile server). If you agree with the terms please click on Accept to proceed.


Step 7:

End user will be shown the details like, domain that he is about to connect, User name and User type. Click on Join.


Step 8:

You will shown an confirmation page indicating the joining of your Windows device to Azure AD.


You can confirm the same

  1. By taking a look at the Organization details from the About tab under System Settings.


2. Click on Settings > Accounts > Work Access, where you can confirm that the device is connected to the Device Manager.



  1. Above steps are captured from a Windows 10 professional edition device.
  2. To start with, make sure your device is connected to internet and Azure AD is reachable from the Windows 10 device.