Cloud-based products are continuously evolving and adapting with updates in real-time. Citrix Workspace Cloud is no different. We have been working hard to bring continued updates to Citrix Workspace Cloud, on average, every few weeks.

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Stay Informed with What’s New For Citrix Workspace Cloud

Wondering what’s the latest and greatest is in Citrix Workspace Cloud? The most recent updates include usability, performance and stability enhancements as well as new features:

The latest updates are always available here or directly from the Workspace Cloud administration console, which is updated every couple of weeks.

Help Shape Workspace Cloud – Share Your Feedback

The updates above were shaped by customer feedback. We would love to hear what you think about Workspace Cloud. The more feedback we get from you, the better the enhancements and new features will be.

Do you think we do the right things? Is there something missing that you need? Your feedback will help us to understand what you want to see in Workspace Cloud, what you need next, and why and how you would use it.

Hearing your use cases is important in helping us to understand how Citrix Workspace Cloud is being used and will be used. With your feedback, we can build it in ways that you can consume more easily. No feedback is too small – we read it all. You can raise thoughts related to usability, functionality, general annoyances, workflow or anything else you can think of. Join in with the community around Workspace Cloud and we can build this together!

To make all of this really simple, quick and easy, we have introduced a brand new widget in our admin interface, with just a few clicks anyone can provide feedback.

You can also see feedback that others have provided, contribute your thoughts to their ideas or just show your support for them with an up vote – to help us build the right thing.

Note: If you are having a problem using Citrix Workspace Cloud, then you need to raise a support ticket to get some help. Read on for directions on opening a support ticket in my other blog post: Open a support ticket – help improve Citrix Workspace Cloud.

To find out how to use the new Citrix Workspace Cloud feedback widget, check out my blog post!