In my last blog post, I told you that Citrix had created a simple way for customers of Citrix Workspace Cloud to give us feedback. And we have! Let me introduce you to the Citrix Workspace Cloud Feedback Widget.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Step 1: Select the widget for feedback, not the tab for support request (unless you’re looking for support J).


Step 2: After clicking the widget in the header bar, you’ll see some of the most popular ideas that have been already been submitted – click on them to view more details and contribute your thoughts.

Hint: you can use the ‘skip this set’ link to see more ideas if you don’t see anything you like or just want to see more. Alternatively you can go to and use a full web browser page to do all these actions if you prefer.

Widget – showing existing ideas


Step 3: To post your own feedback, select the ‘post your own idea’ link. Please provide as much detail as you like about the ideas you have to share with us – attaching files if you want to.

Widget – post your own idea.

Step 4:
After selecting “next” in step three, the widget will seek out any other feedback that it thinks might be similar to yours – offering you the chance to comment or up-vote those instead of starting a new thread yourself. If you discover an idea that is the same as yours, then its best to up-vote it, so we can get a better idea of the overall number of supporters and comments on the idea.

Widget – Similar idea list
Widget – Similar idea details

Step 5:
If there is nothing that looks helpful select the ‘skip and submit’ and give us a title for your idea and select the service that it relates to (choose ‘general’ if you’re not sure), and submit it.

Widget – Categorize the idea

You’re done!
The widget shows you a link to the web page that you can use to track the idea and update it further if you wish.

Note:  Your idea might not be visible immediately as they can require moderation before becoming visible. If the idea is not available straight away, check back later on.

Widget – Submit the idea

I look forward to reading your feedback and new ideas, and working with you to build the Workspace Cloud features that are most important to you.

Monitoring and updating your feedback

You can use to see all the ideas and feedback provided at any time.  You will need to login with your Citrix Workspace Cloud credentials if your already logged into Workspace Cloud then you should be logged in automatically.

Feedback - Website
Feedback – Website

This will enable you to locate your existing posts, search for other posts and make additional comments and up votes as needed.