“People now expect the freedom to choose their work location, device and network,” shares Olaf Romer, CIO of Baloise Group, in explaining why the firm designed a digital workspace strategy based on agility and enterprise security.

Baloise Group used keen insight about their users and Citrix technology to drive a digital workspace strategy that enables people to complete work from anywhere–a client site, their home, the office, or any other location.

A specialized financial services provider, the Baloise Group is a European provider of insurance and pension solutions with 7,600 employees spread out among the headquarter offices in Basel, Switzerland, as well as locations in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The IT organization needed to design a mobility strategy centered on agility—for the business as well as for the employees.

Senior management objectives focused on aligning employee technology experience with business productivity and security demands. With Citrix Workspace Suite, Baloise Group was able to align technology with their objectives, which resulted in a cutting-edge mobility strategy.

Balancing Employee Mobility and Enterprise Security

Employees can choose where they access secure apps and data, which device they use, and what kind of network is available in their current location. The staff can work more productively from any location at any time with any device.

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With Citrix Workspace Suite, Baloise Group allows employees to work on a laptop from a home office, on a tablet at the airport, or in any location. Whether responding to a customer insurance inquiry or handling bank services or developing a large project with a business partner, Baloise Group employees have the flexibility to offer premier customer experience to excel in their business.

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A Digital Workspace Strategy with Security, Scalability and Performance

Baloise Group had mobility goals to strengthen both the employee experience and the overall business. With Citrix Workspace Suite and HPE Moonshot platform, Baloise Group has the agility to grow, shrink, combine and adapt business units in real time according to market dynamics.

CTO Markus Marksteiner explains:

The key challenge for us was to create an infrastructure that supports remote working and allows us to use a wide range of mobile devices. With Citrix Workspace Suite and the Moonshot technology from HP Enterprise, we realized a scalable infrastructure with great performance. With this new architecture, we meet all our objectives concerning security, compliance and carbon footprint. Our staff will be able to work more productively from any location, at anytime, with any device and our systems are agile and scalable for business growth.

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With the new architecture and mobile workspace approach, Baloise was able to meet their business objectives concerning security, compliance and carbon footprint.

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