If you don’t have a strategic marketing plan, don’t assume your offerings will be found by buyers.

At Citrix Summit, we released a new marketing tool to help Citrix Service Provider partners increase their hosted services sales pipeline – and ultimately increase revenue.

Here’s is what you need to know: The buyer’s journey has changed. IDC research found that 65% of B2B buyers usually engage a sales rep only after they’ve already made a purchase decision*.increase revenue stream

Your job in marketing is to get your hosted services information discovered by buyers. If you’re intentional and strategic about your marketing, you will accelerate your sales pipeline by educating prospective buyers. If marketing isn’t a priority, your buyer will, instead, find your competitors’ information, and your revenue will suffer.

Download the Build.Market Guide – a prescriptive, action-oriented marketing guide for Citrix Service Providersbuildmarket guide

Building a strategic marketing plan is well worth the time investment. The Build.Market guide will give you four comprehensible steps and turnkey resources to build and activate a strategic marketing plan so that you can grow your hosted services sales pipeline and increase your revenue stream.

4 Steps toward a strategic hosted services marketing plan in Build.Market Guide:

  1. Identify your hosted services customer profile

You have to know who you are marketing to so that your messaging is tailored to the right buyers.

  1. Create an SMB-targeted messaging and positioning document

Messaging is the foundation for everything your sales people say, what you put in your website, print, post on a blog, share on social media, etc. – take the time to get it right. Once you have this document in place, you will have a better understanding of your customers’ problems and your messaging will be consistent and more influential.

  1. Assess, prioritize and create sales and marketing assets

Within Build.Market is worksheet that will help you to inventory and prioritize the creation of critical sales and marketing tools. Think about your buyers’ journey an the things that are most meaningful for them. Do not create tools just because they are on a checklist – be strategic.

  1. Execute marketing tactics

There are a lot of great marketing tactics out there, but Build.Market will walk you through the top 5 that we recommend for Citrix Service Providers because they will resonate the most with an SMB buyer. You’ll be excited to know that we have turnkey resources to get you started with most of them!

I love this quote:

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart. – Joe Chernov, Vice President of Marketing, InsightSquared

Download the Build.Market Guide and make your customers feel smart because they found YOUR hosted services.

*IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Salesforce, Selling to the Information-Driven Business, May 2015