Last month, Citrix and Microsoft launched a new joint solution for delivering Skype for Business from XenApp and XenDesktop, and the response from the market has been that this is just what our mutual customers were waiting for.

The new “v2 architecture” of the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack delivers a truly native UI experience while maintaining server scalability, and it is now the only Microsoft-endorsed solution for delivering Skype for Business from a virtualized workspace.

BradA tweet re HDX RTOP

This month–as promised–we’ve made it even easier to adopt the new solution by creating a new Receiver for Windows package that includes the HDX RealTime Media Engine (RTME). One download, one install.

The new bundle brings together Citrix Receiver 4.4 and RealTime Media Engine 2.0 (a Receiver plug-in) in a single package that’s ideal for BYOD users and at-home workers. Until now, first-time users on unmanaged Windows devices had to first download and install Citrix Receiver, and then repeat the process for the RTME MSI. In response to numerous customer requests, we’ve now simplified this by providing a single download and install, while maintaining the flexibility to upgrade either component separately.

Admins can direct users either to the Citrix download page for the HDX RealTime Media Engine or to a page on their own network where they have posted the new bundle. Copying the package to your own network is a recommended practice as it gives you more control over future upgrades. Just be aware that the HDX RealTime Connector on your XenApp/XenDesktop servers must be at least version (GA release) for compatibility with the new RTME; that is, RTME 2.0 cannot be used with the 1.8 Connector (previous generation architecture); you must uninstall the old 1.8 Connector and install the new 2.0 version.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on this new bundled package. If it is well received, we may extend this new paradigm to the Receiver for Mac, since Macs are also often unmanaged devices that cannot be easily updated by IT using Electronic Software Distribution. So please try it out and share your comments below.
Derek Thorslund
Director of Product Management, HDX