Citrix Mobility Can Mean Working From Home Instead of Spreading Germs at the Office

It’s cold and flu season, joy of joys. But still, flu and all, That Guy is in the office, sneezing and coughing all over everything and everybody, sharing his germs with the whole team. Ick. Don’t be That Guy.

That Guy should be working at home, hacking and spluttering away from other people. No one wants to catch his flu or live in a full-body shroud of Purell, but due to restrictive IT policies and a dearth of secure, remote work options, he can only complete his work from the PC in his cube.

If That Guy’s company used mobile workspace technology–like Citrix Workspace Suite–maybe he wouldn’t be infecting the whole office and making the everyone spend the next week as sick as he is.

A mobile workspace gives workers a portable, always-available environment consisting of their desktop, all of their apps and their data, and all accessible from anywhere, anytime. This essential piece of a mobility strategy lets people work from anywhere – even on their personal devices – and access sensitive data. They can be confident their workspace is secure, even if it’s not a corporate device accessed within the confines of the office walls.

Illness Impacts Finances, Mobility Keeps Business Running

Sick employees hurt a company’s bottom line. A flu–or other delightful seasonal scourge–that spreads through an office and infects its knowledge workers can have a serious financial impact:

  • productivity goes down when people call in sick or just aren’t feeling like working
  • business travel can be impacted, incurring change fees and cancellation costs when ill employees can’t fly
  • insurance costs go up when people visit the doctor and fill prescriptions to cure their illness

Allowing employees to securely access business apps and data from their home device – PC or Mac, tablet, smartphone – can help keep a business up and running, even through flu season.

The Stats are In: People See “Mobility” as a Way to Work from Home

A recent Forrester survey, commissioned by Citrix, asked over 10,000 online U.S. adults “What does mobility mean to you?”

For knowledge workers of all ages, a top answer was “the ability to work from home when I want.” 26% of all knowledge workers responded that “mobility” was the flexibility to be productive while working at home.

Many times, working parents are the top group that requests work-from-home capabilities. Working parents can complete projects at home while also caring for a sick child. Also, working parents are usually the first ones to catch the latest virus that’s making the rounds at daycare or elementary school.

The survey clearly showed the age groups most likely to have working parents defined “mobility” as the ability to work from home when they wanted … but there was a unique twist to the survey results. Let me explain.

Surprisingly, the survey shows the two groups that most want the flexibility to work from home are Young Millennials and the Golden Generation–not the usual working parent age sets. Young Millennials may be more conscious about staying home instead of spreading–or catching–germs. The Golden Generation may be caring for an elderly parent–an especially tough situation during flu season, when any minor illness can be a big issue for seniors with compromised immune systems.

Define a Mobility Strategy … Before You (or your employees) Get the Flu

Learn how to offer a mobile workspace experience to your employees before this year’s strain of the flu impacts the bottom line of your business. Start here and learn how to deliver business apps and data for secure mobile workspaces.