First off, thanks for all of you who attended our sessions at Summit and inundated us with queries and suggestions! We received a ton of them. Thank you!!

One of the questions we heard time and time again was “who can see my data?” A fair question.

Diagnostic data is sensitive stuff and we’d like to assure you that it is all safe and only folks from your organization, with the right credentials, can see it.

In this post, I will attempt to demystify this.

If you have a MyCitrix account, you are ready to take full benefit of CIS and easily self-diagnose problems on your environment.

Log in to You will land on the “Workspace” page. You can then click “Upload Data” button to upload the diagnostic files. If you are not sure how to collect them, click on the “How to Collect Data” link; there are specific instructions for each product.


If multiple users on the same organization upload diagnostic data, they can easily see each other diagnostic bundles and analysis results by selecting “Show all user uploads” in the “Filter by” dropdown menu. In order for this to be possible, ensure:

  1. All users have the same Organization ID for their MyCitrix account
  2. The option “Show all user uploads” is checked