On Friday, January 22, Citrix hosted its first event for Networking Field Day.

If you have been looking to get up to speed on the latest innovations from NetScaler and wanting to learn about where we are going with the product, the NetScaler team has you covered with five recorded video presentations from the Networking Field Day 11 session.

Networking Field Day brings together product vendors with networking practitioners who are also independent bloggers, freelance writers and thought leaders in online communities. As a result, you will hear and see a lot of comments and questions from people just like you during the videos, as the Field Day Delegates were in the room during the live presentations.

In the first video, our Chief Technology Officer, Abhishek Chauhan, explains Citrix vision for the product. Next, Nand Mulchandani introduces our built for containers and micro services CPX model. Then our VP of Engineering, Anil Shetty, goes deep on the product architecture. For the hands-on practitioners, our Sales Engineer, Bino Gopal, gets into configuration and management.

As a bonus, we have a presentation from Marco Murgia, Chief Architect for the SD-WAN solution in which he explains how it can reliably deliver content over the WAN using the optimal link for continuous delivery.

Citrix Introduction and Overview with Abhishek Chauhan

Technology is changing. SDN, Cloud, Automation, OpenSource. How do you decide what is good and what is simply good looking? Abhishek Chauhan talks about Citrix vision and product direction and how the Citrix One-to-Any architecture will work for you in the future, whatever you do.

Citrix NetScaler CPX Introduction and Overview

How applications are getting built is changing. Containers, Micro-services, DevOps, Built-for-the-Cloud. How do you ensure application performance? Nand Mulchandani, VP of Market Development, introduces the new Citrix NetScaler CPX product and discusses use cases for the solution.

Citrix NetScaler Product Overview & Architecture

Physical, virtual, scale up, scale out, scale in. NetScaler has your application performance needs covered. Steve Shah, VP of Product Management, and Anil Shetty, VP of Engineering, introduce NetScaler and give a look into the architecture behind it and how you can tune it to achieve high level performance.

Citrix NetScaler Management and Evolution

CLI, API and GUI. What can you do with them, which will work best for you and how can you get the most out of NetScaler? Bino Gopal, Senior Systems Engineer, discusses the operationalization of Citrix NetScaler and shows how the product is set to evolve to meet the changing landscape of networking.

Citrix SD-WAN Introduction and Overview

You need more bandwidth, you have stringent requirements, your users are everywhere, your applications are in the cloud. Marco Murgia, Chief Architect, introduces the SD-WAN product and discusses the capabilities of the solution to continuously deliver your applications over the best link.

For all the details on a great day on all things wireless, networking, storage and virtualization, check out the Networking Field Day 11 wrap-up page. You can also check out all the feedback on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #NFD11 or #NetScalerROCKS.