In case you’d not heard mention of it (two-to-three hundred thousand times) over the past few days, the East Coast of the United States is in the throes of a bit of a snow storm. And calling it a bit of a snow storm” is a little like saying, “Stefan Curry is kind of a good basketball player.”

I live in New York, where, right now, we’re witnessing something meteorologists are calling a “bomb cyclone,” which, as best as I can tell is a combo blizzard-hurricane. A “snowicane,” if you will.

The reason that I mention all of this is that snow—while sparkly and beautiful and generally capable of rendering people awestruck by Nature and all of that—brings with it a host of sizable inconveniences. Among the greatest of these is trying to drive in the stuff. Snowy commutes take exponentially longer than normal. They are, at best, incredibly frustrating and, at worst, ding-danged dangerous.

When you work for Citrix (or for a company powered by XenDesktop, Citrix Workspace, or virtual solutions like XenMobile), this “problem” ceases to be.

My “commute” today consisted of shuffling through my living room in my pajamas—hot coffee in hand—and opening my laptop. Connected to my team via Slack, my iPhone, and my Citrix secure digital workspace, the mountains of drifting snow outside my window were rendered insignificant. I didn’t miss a beat.

I’m fortunate to be able to work virtually every day of the year, snow or no snow. But on days like this, when I hear the snow plows scrape by on the street outside, my neighbors chipping the ice off their windshields and digging their cars out from massive berms of frozen muck (and uttering all manner of expletives while doing so), I smile and say a silent “THANK YOU!” because Citrix technology makes all of that nonsense a thing of the past.

Working this way, not only do I not miss any time being stuck in the snow, but I’m actually more productive. I’m able to focus my energies on the things that matter—like doing my job well—and not so much on worrying about the toll the snow, ice, and salt could take on me and my car.

A good employee is one that produces fantastic results. Fantastic results are produced where employees feel inspired. This means that management should no longer focus on where employees physically are and instead, let them work wherever is best for the project they are working on … and that includes locations like coffee shops, libraries or homes.

Transforming your business requires “unlearning” a lot of traditional ideas about what the workplace should be and how an office should run. Citrix—and lots of other companies who power their businesses with Citrix solutions—gets this. Citrix gets that their employees need flexibility to do and be their best.

With Citrix powering all that I do for work, I’m able not just to stay warm and safe inside my house, I’m able to work better. I’m able to live better. And with that, I say, “Bring it, Mother Nature. I’ve got this.”