Getting to work may be painful .. or not !

blizzard commute

For millions of employees–both with the Federal Government and in the public sector–how painful it’s gonna be depends on whether their company is equipped to enable secure access to work apps and data, making it possible to work from home–safely–peering out at the snow with a cup of hot coffee. Or for those whose employers aren’t ready, the storm will mean being forced to dig out and spend hours shoveling snow and dangerous commuting, just to get to the same apps & data.

There may be no better way to justify an end user IT overhaul than considering the impact of employee productivity. There are lots of known benefits to enabling remote access and secure app delivery, but many of them, like security, manageability and talent attraction/retention, are intangible.  However; $/hr x Y hrs x N employees is very tangible. In addition to the intangible benefits of working from home on snow days like safety, un-impacted work schedules and employee sat. 

Certainly, there are real costs associated with implementing a flexible and secure end user IT strategy and it needs to be justified and prioritized. But consider the lost productivity of employees that must come to the office on snow days (or in other sorts of emergencies) because of their company’s PC environment or security requirements . The storm cost may not come from IT’s budget, but IT can certainly be the leader to prepare the organization for the next storm.

Implementing a Citrix strategy for secure apps and data is the most comprehensive and secure way to allow employees to work from home.

In fact, tens of millions already do this every day–or on emergency days, like the ones looming over the east coast. Implementing a Citrix environment is now easier than ever before. With services like Citrix Workspace Cloud, which moves the management layer to the cloud, but keeps the actual data and app on premise or designated data centers, or XenDesktop Remote PC, which allows IT-managed remote access to physical work PCs with the full HDX performance (but without the requirement for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

If you’re stuck commuting in the blizzard tomorrow, good luck and stay safe. And while you’re sitting in traffic, keep in mind the ways to justify “Work Better, Live Better.”